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  1. Biff Maloy

    70K RC plane

    Hell yeah man. In most cases, owners of these fine machines are retired military and love this stuff. Takes real skill to keep yourself oriented in flight.
  2. Biff Maloy

    Will a 12" Neo Creamback fit in the SV20C or SC20C?

    That's exactly what the Gold sounds like. The drive and sustain is there. Just cleaner. I didn't like it as much pushing the shit out of it like the Greenback but there was a sweet spot where it had that Alnico singing quality. The Greenback, I don't know how a pedal fits in to that...
  3. Biff Maloy

    Will a 12" Neo Creamback fit in the SV20C or SC20C?

    I get your concept. That's how I do it. I invest in speakers and you can tune an amp's volume a bit by being creative with them. It's like the 1x10 of this discussion. No, that isn't my optimal either. But, they all sounded good to me. Not a big sound but the characteristics of the speaker...
  4. Biff Maloy

    Will a 12" Neo Creamback fit in the SV20C or SC20C?

    Yeah. I had the SV212 with the V's. They aren't a bad speaker. They'll go with about anything but a 25 watt Greenback or Heritage model, which i preferred, has more presence and punch. I think i read it here the SV puts out around 27 watts. It did push that single G10 pretty good.
  5. Biff Maloy

    Can't dial in my Origin 20 to save my life all of a sudden

    Tatzman makes a great point. That's some heavy competition you have to judge against a budget amp. I've gone full circle. Big power back in my younger days, lower wattage recent years and now back to the real stuff. I had every 20 watt Marshall makes minus the SC. Dumped them all for a...
  6. Biff Maloy

    Will a 12" Neo Creamback fit in the SV20C or SC20C?

    I had the head. With all the complaints about the combo, unwarranted IMO, I tested mine into a 1x10. I thought a G10 Greenback sounded very 70s rock. Bright with plenty of harmonics. A G10 Gold Alnico had some ABB genre type tones. If you love 12s then why are you trading that for...
  7. Biff Maloy

    Can't dial in my Origin 20 to save my life all of a sudden

    I had a 20H. I didn't prefer high output pickups into it. I mostly plugged straight in but an Echoplex type preamp or Klon type boosted it well. I ended up liking 20 watt Celestions in a 2x12. I never made much of an attempt to take the amp outside what it did though. Master about 7.5 and...
  8. Biff Maloy

    Now this is a Rockman setup

    Everything he has up top i had in the 80s. Ran that into a clean but loud JCM800 full stack. Sounded great for the time.
  9. Biff Maloy

    Can you get a cheaper price by calling Sweetwater?

    I have gotten discounts but I've bought a lot from them over the years. It may be a returning customer and history thing with them.
  10. Biff Maloy

    Your favorite guitar solos

    Several candidates but at 11 years old this is the one that caught my ear. Got me interested in guitar. Boston's Foreplay/Longtime could just as easily be in the list.
  11. Biff Maloy

    Shipping Boxes Gear Arrived In

    I keep all boxes. The amp boxes are good for storing pedal boxes..etc
  12. Biff Maloy

    whats the last guitar

    My Strat Plus Deluxe. Played stuff i come up with.
  13. Biff Maloy

    Pairing 96 dB and 98 dB speakers?

    I've paired a 100db H with a 96db M. The difference in volume is less noticeable with the amp at band volume. I could still hear the M's effect on things.
  14. Biff Maloy

    Les Paul String Gauge

    NYXL 10s on my R7. I top wrap for reasons mentioned and it feels better.
  15. Biff Maloy

    Couple cool "new" reissue delay pedals out...

    Space Echo is the one I want for sure. I went forever in playing years before owning a Memory Man. Got one a couple months ago. Certain effects like it and the Space Echo have a sound. Either one could do analog slap back like the CC does so well which I have but that wouldn't be taking...
  16. Biff Maloy

    fav amp you own

    Damn! I'd heard of it but that's my first time looking.
  17. Biff Maloy

    fav amp you own

    Doraville. But, then again when my small town ass gets up there it all looks the same to me. Ha! They have more quality gear than all the Guitar Centers in Ga put together.
  18. Biff Maloy

    The official 1 watt thread.

    I've had the 50th Anniversary collection for 10 years. I still use them just as much as when they were new. The same pedalboard i use with my Germino Lead 55LV I can use with my JMP1. Perfect home tube amps without the need for anything attached to reign them in.
  19. Biff Maloy

    fav amp you own

    Germino Lead 55LV. Late 60s tube rectified Marshall 1987 circuit. Got it at Atlanta Discount in your neck of the woods.
  20. Biff Maloy

    If You Sell A Guitar And Buy Another, Do you Give Your Spouse Any $'s?

    It could. We both work full time and share an account but I've always had a seperate account for extra money earned. I started that at 18 way before i got married. My job requires overtime. Even if it's just an hour it goes into that account on payday. I've seen too many set themselves up...

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