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  1. keennay

    When Posers Get Exposed

    You'd think at an age where Google / YouTube search becomes easier every year, people would actually research what they buy :facepalm:
  2. keennay

    Dear English Speaking Some Point...

    I got too excited thinking dreyn77 was back
  3. keennay

    Advice from the "Sound guy"

    The part that got me rolling years ago, either on this or another forum, "No one cares about your Jose / Cameron / Fortin modded amp with NOS tubes, 4x12 pre-Rolas, MJ wound JB alnico modded pickups on your rare mahogany limited edition guitar in a live setting where half the audience is drunk." :D
  4. keennay

    Randy Rhoads stuff

    I wonder when we'll finally see more live Randy Rhoads content... the ones Bob Daisley allegedly owns
  5. keennay

    FS 1983 Marshall jmp 2203 (Scandinavian version)

    Good luck with the sale! I remember it was fun documenting the JMPs that made it into the years 1982 & 83, back when nearly every internet forum swore they were all discontinued by 1981. I'd even shown a photo of the 1983 model number from the Marshall Factory in Milton Keynes!
  6. keennay

    Nothing To See Here

    Hey fellas, dunno why I'd never received a notification here. I've decided to keep it... 2020 was a rough year 😅. Wish I kept most of what I had to sell
  7. keennay

    YouTube ads getting really unbearable

    I'm incredibly happy paying YouTube $12 monthly for no ads
  8. keennay

    If a song is "remastered", does that mean better?

    Sometimes it's to replace one or two musicians, like on Blizzard of Ozz
  9. keennay

    Biddlin's not doing so good...

    Sorry to see Biddlin, get well soon & wishing the best
  10. keennay

    Marshall JMP 2203 or something similar

    The Marshall JMPs are quite ridiculously bright, even after dailing back the treble & presence (not as much when played through my Greenbacks). You however forget many of us are old farts who's hearing has naturally regressed over the years unbeknownst to us... so of course that comment comes as...
  11. keennay

    Scamazon , Shipping gets worse by the day.

    This might be more of a USPS problem than Amazon, but yeah I too have noticed my items take a while just to get sorted out of their Amazon facility. You can most certainly ask sellers if they'd be willing to use Fedex or another service prior to / after payment, and some might be willing to...
  12. keennay

    Selling Gear............Do You Let Strangers Into Your Home?

    I meet at a Guitar Center or their parking lot
  13. keennay

    RIP Ruff Ryder

    Rap has destroyed the country? But then I'm not surprised to read that after 10 yrs on Marshall Forum. Let's get rid of that "Devilish" Rock N Roll too! RIP DMX
  14. keennay

    For the 1,000th Time...

    I was so sure you were going to start with, "For the 1,000th time... tone is in the hands." :D Well done!
  15. keennay

    Do not reply. It is a fact. The tube era is finished.

    We are old, stubborn farts and will never admit this!! :D
  16. keennay

    Any gear you want that you're "putting off" buying?

    Someday I'll own a Bogner XTC + matching 4x12 cab... someday
  17. keennay

    is she off limits?

    Can you define "good friend." You have two conditions within your sentence which may require two different answers, and I'm not sure why they were even mixed together: "good friend" & "some guy... you only know in passing." I would not at all consider those two in the same league. I have my...
  18. keennay

    Bitcoin trash search!

    Hope & prayer
  19. keennay

    GAS Audit 2020 - "Wudya" Get?

    GAS 2020 audit?? Yall still have money in 2020? :D
  20. keennay

    Bitcoin trash search!

    It was officially classified as a commodity by the US CFTC since 2015. You speculate and trade it for cash (or other assets) on legally licensed exchanges, just like you wouldn't waltz into the Toyota dealership and pay for a Corolla with gold or silver chunks. I own zero FYI; usually renewed...

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