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    I'll Leave If You Hate Me Enough

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    Animal(s) You Fear The Most

    I went into a cage with a wolf/dog hybrid. I think, if the owner wasn't there, I'd be bitten. Wolf/dog hybrids, IMO, are still a wolf and they scare the crap out of me.
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    Cool Movie Rock Tunes

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    The Babys

    Not a very famous band but they had some good pop tunes. After the breakup, former members joined Journey; Bad English; Rod Stewart & Foreigner.
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    NGD! 2020 Gibson SG Special

    Cool find. HNGD Soon after I sold my '64 Gibson SG Special, I said, "what did I just do?"
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    Animal(s) You Fear The Most

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    Ice Cream

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    whats the last guitar

    1969 Gibson ES 335 TDC
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    bands and albums

    Queen II The Beatles Rubber Soul Mountain Nantucket Sleighride Queensryche Operation Mindcrime Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II/Mothership
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    Ozzy vs Dio

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    Advice from the "Sound guy"

    One of the best toys recommended to me was an Audix Cab Grabber...................
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    LuLu Is 13 Today

    Alaskan Malamutes are very big and very laid back.
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    Epiphone Riviera

    I think a Riviera is in my future. I bonded with the Casino. IMO, Casino's weight; feel and P 90 sound are magic.
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    LuLu Is 13 Today

    Thank you all. LuLu thanks you. We've owned Alaskan Malamutes since 1975. Our first Christmas gift to each other was a Mal. LuLu loves camping and staying outside for hours Like many big dogs (LuLu is 114lbs.), hip problems lead to a short life. Alaskan Malamutes usually live for 10 to 12...