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  1. Jethro Rocker

    life is odd sometimes.

    Wow. Very sudden and frightenjng a bit. He will not have been thinking about a bit of work tension, I am sure. Family and home will be far above work stuff. He was also likely used to confrontation given his history. Don't let it bug you too much. Very good points made.
  2. Jethro Rocker

    Relic'd Guitars are for Posers

    What? You poser it's green! :agreed:
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    Correct fuses for a 1982 Marshall 2203?

    If back says T2 and it is set up for 120V I would say a regular T1 and T2. Lemme check my 82 4010. The 1.5A is a little large for T1, I would put a 1A in there. Big question is what caused the fuse or fuses to blow? What fuses are in there now?
  4. Jethro Rocker

    Epiphone Les Pauls from China

    Might as well buy the good Gibson stuff.
  5. Jethro Rocker

    UPDATE: results revealed! Marshall JCM 800 SC20H vs BluGuitar Amp1 BLIND TEST!

    No effects needed with Amp X. It is very appealing. I tried the HnK floor but I would likely use it in smaller venues and it becomes bigger than I would like. Once I get to larger pedal board I can use a larger amp. Always use a cab.
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    UPDATE: results revealed! Marshall JCM 800 SC20H vs BluGuitar Amp1 BLIND TEST!

    Seems really cool! I wanted something really small so the Iridium works for me quite well! Butbthat is a good idea right there. Like the HnK Spirit 200 floor amp.
  7. Jethro Rocker

    JVM 410H V6 slot, pondering ecc832 vs ecc823

    I have an 823 to try. Problem is, low gain knob on OD 1 orange mode leaves it a bit thin compared to ch 2 red. Can use EQ but be nice to do with amp by having ro turn gain up on OD1 thus increasing low end chunk.
  8. Jethro Rocker

    Who Builds 112 Cabs ?

    Mojotone. Lots of choices from them.
  9. Jethro Rocker

    Marshall jvm410

    JJs are not made in China, just FYI.
  10. Jethro Rocker

    Amp Collecting Out Of Hand...

    Some of you guys have insane collections. Mine are all in covers so tis a pain to set up. I ditched the 6505 combo and Traynor YCS100 3 channel head. Added Mesa TC100 head, Mesa Mk V 35 combo and Traynor YCV4050 combo. Plus Mojo tone angled cab. EDIT I should add, they all get played out. Each...
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    High gain

    So now the amp arguement begins over a botting!! :fever:
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    Without reading thread, guitar. :applause:
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    Any Advice on Running a Second Cab from a DSL-40CR for Stereo Effects?

    You could consider a lower priced 1x12, run the stereo out from a stereo pedal to a small pedal amp and into cabinet. That way preamp for DSL is used via loop send and through to cabinet. 30 watts. Tiny uses a single pedal space.
  14. Jethro Rocker

    Any Advice on Running a Second Cab from a DSL-40CR for Stereo Effects?

    Exactly this. Also, see below. Also, if the speakers are attached to the correct tap (output jack) on the amplifier you do NOT lose half the sound output, regardless of the impedance. On a Solid State amp (the vast majority) you do because they do not have specific output taps they just have a...
  15. Jethro Rocker

    Jubilee - channel switching pedal

    Yes it will. Any single button mono cable latching switch is fine. Jubilee 2525C is same.
  16. Jethro Rocker

    Any Advice on Running a Second Cab from a DSL-40CR for Stereo Effects?

    They would hear it wider, certainly, if standing in pretty much exactly the right spot. But still not really like stereo.
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    Ever only play one?

    Whereas I have several what I consider mid to high end guitars! And some slightly lower end ones. I prefer real quality and am willing to pay for it. Most of mine are at least mid I suppose. LP Classics, LP Custom shop Cistom, 335 highly figured, Prestiges, etc etc. As long as they get...
  18. Jethro Rocker

    Ever only play one?

    Only play one? No. I usually play the new ones a bit more when I first get em cause they deserve it but they all get their turns at shows, exception being the acoustics. I even make a list so I can remember what I played at which shows. That way they get proper rotation.
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    People with signs at intersections asking for money..

    I used to on occasion. It seems too many here are simply funding drug addictions. I saw one a few weeks back on crutches with a sign that said something like " Had surgery on one leg, need surgery on the other..". Well, we have universal health care here. It would cost him exactly nothing. We...
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    Relic'd Guitars are for Posers

    What I find annoying is that other than a made to order I cannot get say a 1960 reissue here in Canada WITHOUT the pre mucked up and diseased hardware. Body brand new but hardware is all distressed. Looks ridiculous. Sigh... at least offer the choice. But then again, I really don't need one so...