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  1. johan.b

    Getting the most of Marshall 50th Anniversary 1w amps: Share your stories!

    I used my DSL1 head as a preamp through an EH Caliber 44 for years as a super compact rig for local gigs where i could get to the venue on the bus or subway... worked out great J
  2. johan.b

    Larry Lalonde Amps tonight. What amps is he using?

    Looks like regular 1987x or possibly jtm45
  3. johan.b

    JCM800 Studio Vs the 50W/100W

    In 5 watt mode, the transformer in the studio series are oversized by a factor 4... so a 20 way amp only gives 20 watt thump. So what?... that's the whole point, isn't it?... if you want 100 watt thump in a 20 watt amp, you probably chasing the kind of unbalanced sound you hear in people's...
  4. johan.b

    Marshall Studio 15 Amplifier

    As you probably know, there is a built in attenuator. Just Plug the speaker into the head phones out ... what no-one mentions is that also means you can plug the speaker into the line out for true bedroom level...
  5. johan.b

    Playing a small bar gig- is this too much?

    Put the head on a chair behind the cabs and place a tweed champ on top... oh... eh.. hmm... nevermind...😜
  6. johan.b

    If You Sell A Guitar And Buy Another, Do you Give Your Spouse Any $'s?

    We have a shared account for all our shared bills... housing, electric, water, groceries, insurance... outside of that, my money is mine, her money is hers... if I sell a piece of gear I've held on to for years and years, I refuse to let that money go to bills... if I could pay my bills without...
  7. johan.b

    JTM 45 RI Output Transformer question

    Drake appearantly closed doors Early 2000's...Any furter Info Is Hard To Come By...
  8. johan.b

    Trying to like my 498T

    Play around with the pole pieces and don't be afraid to go wild... mine are sitting about 2mm above the cover right now.. but then I do like the "dig-in treble bloom" of unbalanced coil response...
  9. johan.b

    The Official Marshall Studio Vintage Thread Sv20h

    Biden's got nothing to do with it. He doesn't rule here but we got the same problem... if you want to get philosophical, it's the western capitalism running its course and reaching the end of its run where all and everything is concentrated at one point, one owner... next they'll come for your...
  10. johan.b

    The Official Marshall Studio Vintage Thread Sv20h

    They're still around 800 euro/$ in Europe so it's not marshall but rather their American agent.. price gouging?.... seems to be the trend on everything over there now... oh, it's happening over here too, just not as severe yet.... we'll get there soon enough... it's 2020-TOO... Expect anything...
  11. johan.b

    sc20h hot rod mods alternatives

    I used to be a "no pedals " guy too, but truth is, pedals have come a LONG way since I started out... my favourite is Carl Martin plexitone. Just keep gain down... above 10 o'clock is more than any plexi I've ever played.... Boss sd1 is a classic för jcm800 but more of a pigeon hole sound.... J
  12. johan.b

    SV20H Components

    Again, the 1959SLP was based on a particular example in the marshall collection that Jim thought sounded the best. The .0033 value probably just represent a drifted or out of tolerance component in that particular amp
  13. johan.b

    SV20H Components

  14. johan.b

    SV20H Components

    The sv20 is based on the 1959SLP which was based on a particular example of the 1959 from the sixties. Google the 1959slp schematic and you should find the components. The numbers on the board don't match but the circuit does. The loop and other amp is different though. It's not a hard circuit...
  15. johan.b

    Show your stash, OR "the great tube panic relief thread"

    So, I though just to offer relief and peace of mind to those with little or no spare tubes, why not show your stash, big or small, of tubes. Old and New, used or not. Just a way to show our fellow forumites there is most likely someone fairly close, who could help you many years into the...
  16. johan.b

    What do you think will the marshall valve amp die?

    While the kids growing up today, with modellers and "silent stage" might never understand the interaction, feel and response of a great amp turned up loud. as long as they dail in "plexi" or 800 or twin or whatever on their "amp simulator 2000".. those amps are still relevant and will be sought...
  17. johan.b

    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    Matching and rating tubes by current draw at idle came about as a sales point to stores and touring bands.. if a tube blew, replace fuce and the tube with one with same number/rating... no need to open amp up to rebias... guitar tech can do that, save on the amp tech for the tour/store... so...
  18. johan.b

    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    .. so now that we all stocked up on NOS and new tubes, I guess the real question is... does Marshall have stock or have they been relying on "just in time" production like most industries today?... how long can they keep putting out new amps? ... what about other amp makers?
  19. johan.b

    Marshall amp combo

    I'm not big a fan of the studio15 mentioned above, but i did have one for many many years and thought I'd mention... since it has an built in attenuator, you can run it with speaker unplugged.. that also means you can plug the speaker into the "line out" for true bedroom volume... we're talking...
  20. johan.b

    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    ... now, relax for a second... the tubes are still produced, just not being shipped out of Russia at this moment... people have been buying and selling long out of production NOS tubes for years... no reason to believe these will not trickle out sooner or later.. they do after all represent a...