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  1. Blacque Jacque

    Is This On........

    One two one two........... Test Test Can you hear me now ?
  2. Blacque Jacque

    Bloody show off.......

    Classical Gas is one of my favourite acoustic tracks, an amazing composition & this guy just tears it up :wow: :
  3. Blacque Jacque

    Calling LSR Roller nut's & cons

    Like the title says, I'd like to get your comments on the LSR roller nut. I'm thinking about swapping the bone nut on my Warmoth neck for an LSR, but before I go taking chisels, saws & other weapons of mess creation to it, I'd like to ask you guys using them what do you like and dislike about...
  4. Blacque Jacque

    NGD: Tokai LS100Q

    So I've been looking for another LP to back up my blue quilt Tokai for some time. After many months of watching Ebay, Gumtree & the free ads, I finally found one local for a good price. I messaged the seller last week & arranged a deposit to ensure someone else didn't pull the rug from under me...
  5. Blacque Jacque

    R.I.P Sir Christopher Lee

    Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93 - latest reaction and tributes - Telegraph Another acting legend passes.
  6. Blacque Jacque

    Metallica losing money due to "disastrous decisions"...

    And there we were thinking the mighty Metallica had a licence to print money eh ? New figures reveal that Metallica's finances are in the red: they're losing money due to 'disastrous decisions' | SupaJam / News
  7. Blacque Jacque

    3000 not out.

    While Holme is swimming uphill in treacle trying to find his mysterious 7000th post that's gone awol, I've managed to rack up 3000. :woot: I'm kinda shocked I made it this far, although I guess if a few more threads get hosed I'll be back here again before long. Anyhow, just wanted to say it's...
  8. Blacque Jacque

    0.1% tuners for the bench

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a 0.1% accuracy tuner for the bench. I have a Korg Pitchblack on both of my boards for now, great tuners, but I sometimes find I need to sweeten the tuning by ear afterwards. So, tackling the root cause I want a really accurate tuner for doing setups, intonation etc...
  9. Blacque Jacque

    Boss GE-7...HISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    I bought a GE-7 recently, mainly becuase it was so stupidly cheap. I picked it up for £30 / ~$50 via a Facebook gear thread, brand new with receipt, paperwork etc. I tried it out in front of a fairly clean amp as a boost & was horrified to find when I stepped on the pedal it was generating the...
  10. Blacque Jacque

    Lovejoy Comet

    So has anyone else been looking for this ? One of the few visible with binoculars or just about visible with the naked eye. Apparently it's not going to be back in our region of the solar system for 8000 years, so definitely a once in a lifetime event. We finally have clear skies here tonight...
  11. Blacque Jacque

    Small Pedalboard Recommendation ?

    So I finally have to cave in & get a pedal board. I want to keep it as small as possible, partly to avoid the temptation of adding more & more pedals I'll never use, but also to try & keep the weight down. Essential pedals that need to be there: Crybaby Korg Pitchblack Tuner Marshall two...
  12. Blacque Jacque

    Master Vol tech question

    Has anyone calculated the input / output impedances of the stages in a Master vol (2203 / 2204) preamp ? Can anyone tell me how much the 1M master vol pot affects the input impedance of the PI ? or how much it loads the output of the tone stack ? I'm planning on adding a conventional MV pot to...
  13. Blacque Jacque

    RIP Raphael Ravenscroft

    Who ? I hear you ask ? He was the session sax player on this, responsible for one of the most recognisable sax solos ever recorded: Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street (UK) - YouTube Raphael Ravenscroft, Baker Street saxophonist, dies aged 60 | Music | The Guardian
  14. Blacque Jacque

    Tele pickup recommendations ?

    Calling all you Tele owners..... I have a bitsa Tele that needs new pickups. Currently it has EMG TC's (ceramic mags) & they just don't seem to have either the brightness for that crisp snappy sound, nor the upper mids to give it the brashness & bark you expect from a Tele. From what I recall...
  15. Blacque Jacque

    Kinda N.m.v Type Build

    I've been slowly collecting parts to build an amp for ages & after a little more internet shopping I figured I had all I needed to get started. I've never built an amp before, although I've worked on my own & a small number for friends. It's a real fleabay special comprising; A proper...
  16. Blacque Jacque

    Roadtrip !!

    Hey folks, In a couple of weeks my family & I have a 500+ mile drive, starting out a little north of Boston, across to Niagra, then over the border & on to Toronto to visit my cousins. Niagra to Toronto is the easy bit, but Boston to Niagra is quite a drive, anyone got suggestions of a couple...
  17. Blacque Jacque

    R.I.P. Johnny Winter

    Blues legend Johnny Winter passed away last night at the age of 70. According to the reports, he was in very poor health & very frail & weak. R.I.P. Johnny, another player who had an influence on my playing gone :sadwave: Blues Legend Johnny Winter Dead At 70 -
  18. Blacque Jacque

    NAGD - Sigma DR28H

    I've been keeping half an eye out for an acoustic for sometime, but a change of direction for one of my projects means it has become more important. The rhythm guitarist in my classic rock band mentioned a 2nd hand Sigma DR28 in a local shop. Looked it up online & sure enough it looked tidy...
  19. Blacque Jacque

    Do you know what's going on inside your amp when you're not looking ?

    :naughty: Naughty components
  20. Blacque Jacque

    Playing guitar isn't a skill, it's different way of being ?

    Apparently a scientific study has concluded that guitarists think differently from other people. :hmm: Science Shows How Guitar Players' Brains Are Actually Different from Everybody Elses' - PolicyMic