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  1. Wenander

    Paul Kossoff, Free guiartist - Marshall Amps

    That first clip, it´s so great, love it....that´s how i wanna see music live. Dont like standing in crowds at all.
  2. Wenander

    Another...HiWatt DR504 Build

    Nice ... will be fun to follow a build right from the start and slowly see the progress...
  3. Wenander

    Movies with a music theme

    Great stuff thanks. Ah howard the duck...remember seeing that ages ago. Dont remember anything but the bedroom scene..haha Got to check that van damme movie !
  4. Wenander

    Movies with a music theme

    Thanks for all the answers in the thread...I didnt get a single notification though. Im going to read through em all..
  5. Wenander

    Help quick. Replacement tuners Les paul

    Thats perfect and hilarious ! ask for help about tapping out those rings, but doesn´t think twice about attacking the darn thing with a powerdrill !! Love it!
  6. Wenander

    You sleeping ? :applause:

    You sleeping ? :applause:
  7. Wenander

    Help me identify these tuners

    Tricky to get imageupload to work
  8. Wenander

    Help me identify these tuners

    Want to know if they are worthy of a rebuild...
  9. Wenander

    Movies with a music theme

    Many new ones the last few years ... Im talking about both semibiographical and fictional.. which would you recomend a watch and wich should people stay away from ? I have seen whiplash for example and liked it. Now im about to watch Jimi: all is by my side...Andre 3000 seems to fit perfect...
  10. Wenander

    What are your hobbies?

    I have always liked wristwatches ...... since a was a kid, always had something on my wrist. But the other day here i got my first "real" Mechanical Automatic.... an entrylevel Seiko 5. it´s really cool to be able to see inside the seethrough backplate the moving tiny parts =)
  11. Wenander

    I got the Orange fever ...

    Yeah ok haha, i didnt think about that, i was up late, tired maybe... Yeah maybe something like that...most would probably box the music i have in mind with the doomscene or at least the guitarsound and of course the amps....i cant stand "scenes"
  12. Wenander

    I got the Orange fever ...

    Yeah i guess its pretty similar
  13. Wenander

    I got the Orange fever ...

    I have had my eyes on the rockerverb 50 mkIII since the dude from premierguitar did a reviewvideo of on youtube.
  14. Wenander

    I got the Orange fever ...

    I dont think the tiny terror is a good choice if you wanna show the "orange sound" Isnt the tiny a 15w el84 lunchbox amp?
  15. Wenander

    I got the Orange fever ...

    Yeah my guess is that it do take pedal well
  16. Wenander

    I got the Orange fever ...

    Of course, all amps color. And im NOT compairing it to Marshall. Im after the different flavour...
  17. Wenander

    another pet peeve

    I put a BIG epiphone sticker on the case for my expensive EGC guitar to make it less desireable
  18. Wenander

    I'm a better guitar player than Eddie Van Halen..

    Im better than kirk hammet because he FUCKED up oh well and i can play it better!! and it was on THE PETER GREEN "GREENIE" LES PAUL !!! that is sacrilege ....
  19. Wenander

    I got the Orange fever ...

    I found a store here that cut the price by 575 $ on a Custom Shop 50 They are simple, sound lovely, tha midhonk is really nice Anyone here got one ? ? does it behave well under pedalpressure ??
  20. Wenander

    Some seventies danish rock n roll

    So they are somewhat known !! that makes me so happy .. uh, you´re from sweden like me hAHA .... i hoped it was someone from US or something

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