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  1. anitoli

    Advice from the "Sound guy"

    Half stack too loud for a 300 seater if the player knows how to set it? Laughable. We use two full stacks for guitar, a half for bass and another half for the drum machine in my basement jam room which is 24 x 30 and it's not too loud. Every amp has a master volume.......................
  2. anitoli

    Work Bathroom Etiquette

    The anthem for public shits:
  3. anitoli

    6100 LM obtained

    Your price was exceptional no doubt about that. I wouldn't have hesitated on that either.
  4. anitoli

    TV series.

  5. anitoli

    6100 LM obtained

    Keep in mind also at todays tube prices it's almost $300 to retube a 6100. If the amp is toted as "original" ( which could be almost 30 years old) tubes this would be a definite negotiating point for a price reduction.
  6. anitoli

    Les Paul String Gauge

    These tuned down 6 frets makes the LP usable again.
  7. anitoli

    6100 LM obtained

    Nice score, very clean.
  8. anitoli

    The Original Woodstock

    The Hendrix set was filmed in color and B&W. Towards the end of the set the color camera was about to run out of film so they scrapped the tune redhouse in order to reload the camera and so they wouldn't miss Purple haze in the set list. None of them knew what Jimi was gonna pull next and in...
  9. anitoli

    Guitars We Think Everyone Should Own

    This pointy shredder is killer:
  10. anitoli

    Guitars We Think Everyone Should Own

    And the white one behind it too.
  11. anitoli

    SIR #34 and #36 Frank Levi Mods in one Amp

    Here is an ok gut shot of it:
  12. anitoli

    SIR #34 and #36 Frank Levi Mods in one Amp

    My 2203X came with this inscription on the shield. Last time i took a quick look it seemed to appear like all the parts matched the schematic, but some resistor leads has solder residue on them. Maybe have to look again at it.
  13. anitoli

    well there goes the old rockman headphone amp

    She looks baked..........
  14. anitoli

    ***Essential Pedals. What's yours?***

    Get one, you won't be disappointed. It just wants a clean amp to drive into. Wata Fuzz.
  15. anitoli

    ***Essential Pedals. What's yours?***

    This into an 87X is the thickest, fattest, most aggressive tone i ever heard out of a Plexi. Now it gets even better when you drop your tuning six frets......
  16. anitoli

    Opinion needed

    There isn't enough gain on a JVM?
  17. anitoli

    fav amp you own

    Unless amps that have a half power switch qualify i am out.
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