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  1. Torren61

    Better AC Wiring Layout?

    Thanks, I'll fix it.
  2. Torren61

    Better AC Wiring Layout?

    @Pete Farrington How's this look?
  3. Torren61

    Better AC Wiring Layout?

    Yep, that would be correct. I thought about it and looked at the layout and re-typed my solution which is exactly what you said. Now I have confirmation. Thanks!
  4. Torren61

    Better AC Wiring Layout?

    Hey, I took my '53 Champ to my local guy. The amp sounds fine but could this have been done better? Here's a couple of gut shots. First, what it looked like when I got it. What it looks like now. Looking at the first picture. Should I de-solder the primary tap and the .05 cap and...
  5. Torren61


    Guitar or watch? Watch me buy another guitar! (Sell that monstrosity and buy something more visually appealing.)
  6. Torren61

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now ??

    Samantha Fish "Kill Or Be Kind", Johnny Winter "John Dawson Winter III" and Jeff Beck "Blow By Blow"
  7. Torren61

    I Was Watching A Silent Movie...

    and my wife told me to turn it down. I was watching Buster Keaton in "Sherlock Jr." and the piano accompaniment was too loud. It reminded me of the time we were returning home from grocery shopping and there were chickens on the side of the road and every time they tried to get from one side...
  8. Torren61

    Amp Collecting Out Of Hand...

    No wonder I can't find a decent Marshall head for sale...
  9. Torren61

    New Amp Day: Brad Whitford's (Aerosmith) 1968/69 Super Lead

    Btw, I have a dollar to bet that the cap cans have newer caps inside of them.
  10. Torren61

    New Amp Day: Brad Whitford's (Aerosmith) 1968/69 Super Lead

    REALLY nice score with the amp alone but EXTRA EXTRA nice with the documentation and road case. I happy for you. It must be so exciting to be able to play through that. I saw Aerosmith for about four songs in Philly at the Spectrum when some jack wagon threw a bottle and hit Tyler and shut...
  11. Torren61

    Ever only play one?

    I have something like eight electrics and five acoustics. I keep them all in cases and only pull out two at a time. I play those two until I'm done with them and they go in their cases and out come two more. Every time I start playing one that was in the case for a while, I'm like "This thing...
  12. Torren61

    Meet The Gibsons

    Thanks for the kind words.
  13. Torren61

    I'll Leave If You Hate Me Enough

    I don't hate you. You've got a stellar collection and I'm sincerely happy for you. They must have cost a fortune. You hijacked my thread and I can't believe you are that ignorant to not know you did. Let other people have their day.
  14. Torren61

    Meet The Gibsons

    I finally got around to taking a group pic of my Gibson guitars. Left to right is a 1970 ES335, 2012 CS356, 1999 Les Paul Classic and a 1999 SG Supreme. The measurements of the guitars from the widest part of the upper, middle and bottom and the body of the guitar from the bottom to where...
  15. Torren61

    NGD: 1999 Gibson Les Paul Class Premium Plus

    Well, I swapped out the pups for the Gibson CustomBuckers, metal Gibson jack plate, TonePros tail piece and 50s wiring. I went with 8s instead of 10s for strings and had to adjust the neck relief. I also tweaked the intonation. I'm still fiddling with the neck relief and bridge height but I...
  16. Torren61

    NGD! 2020 Gibson SG Special

    I had one that looked exactly like that one except it was a 2013 model. Very nice guitar you have there.
  17. Torren61

    NGD: 1999 Gibson Les Paul Class Premium Plus

    I bought from a Reverb seller located in Los Angeles. REALLY great guy. Perfectly packed guitar and fast shipping. Like all the best tops, it changes as you look at it from different angles. It plays well and it sustains well. This one is a keeper.
  18. Torren61

    NGD: 1999 Gibson Les Paul Class Premium Plus

    This one is going on the other forums as well but here you are so here it is. I was looking to replace my '99 Les Paul Classic. I was trying to put together a trade deal using my '05 PRS McCarty and a couple of fairly uncommon pedals but I got no takers. So, while drooling at LPs on Reverb, I...
  19. Torren61

    Should I Repair It, Or Sell It?

    Fix the amp. Its hand wired turret board construction will outlast most of the amps that are currently PCB constructed. In a few more years, these will be collectable.

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