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  1. scozz

    Les Paul String Gauge

    I bought a pack of these and I’m gonna put them on one of my Les Pauls tomorrow, I’ve never played a lighter string than 9s. Any of you guys running these?
  2. scozz

    Bugera G5 Infinium Enigma

    I have a Bugera G5 Infinium, I’ve had it about 5 or 6 years and it’s been great. I haven’t used it very much the last two years, and it’s developed a problem, and the problem seems weird to me… There’s no sound coming from the speaker,… the headphone jack and the line out jack work fine, but...
  3. scozz

    Two New Power Tubes for a SC20,… Matching?

    Do you guys have your power tubes matched? Is there a reason, or is it better in some way to have power tubes matched? Also, does it matter if the amp has only 2 tubes? :shrug: I’ve heard people say some totally different things about this. I’ve seen people say there no reason or benefit to...
  4. scozz

    Rob O’Reilly MIDI Guitar

    Anyone play or own one of these? :shock:
  5. scozz

    Premium 12AX7,… Anyone?

    I’ve heard a bit about these preamp tubes, anyone running these in their Marshall? I’m thinking about getting, um, one or two, I’ve heard suggestions for V1 and V3 phase inverter. Any information on these? Thanks in advance,…
  6. scozz

    This One or That One?

    So l’ve been a hankering for another Harley Benton guitar ever since I bought my first one over a year ago. A $83 Tele copy, TE20. I could not, (and still cannot), believe how good this guitar is for $83. It plays and sounds as good, or better, than those $500 to $600 mim Fender or...
  7. scozz

    Phase Inverter Tube

    So I’m not to sure about the phase inverter tube, and I have a few questions if you guys don’t mind?,... 1) What is the function of a phase inverter, and/or the PI tube, in an amp?,... 2) Does the PI tube have an affect on the tone?,... The last question is related to the second...
  8. scozz

    Marshall Straight In

    The last week or so I’ve been playing my SC20 straight in, no pedals. I haven’t done this since I first bought the amp, almost two years ago now. Usually I’ll have 6 pedals on my board, OD9 and a SD1 in front, and a Spark boost, eq, chorus, delay in the loop. So I’ve got the loop off...
  9. scozz

    Miss-Matched Speaker wattage Affect

    I've never used a cab, that has say,.... a 25 watt speaker and a 65 watt speaker, for an example. Is it ok to do? does it matter? what are the affects of that combination? Here's what I've got and what I'd like to do. I've got two 1-12 cabs, one with a Creamback 65, and the other with a...
  10. scozz

    1980s Marshall 2000 Lead 250 Watt Head

    Anyone own, or have seen, or played one of these? I've never even heard about this amp until recently, and I never seen a pic of one either, I'm sure they're very rare. From what I can gather this model was released the same time as the Jcm800, 1981,...actually April of 1981. They released one...
  11. scozz

    Jcm800 1959 Super Lead (100watts)

    Anyone own one of these? I'm wondering how these 800s sound compared to other 100 watt 4 holers. I've never even seen or heard one in person, only in videos, pretty rare amp. I'd like to get a little more info on these beasts,.... like what years, how many, etc...
  12. scozz

    What Boost Pedal With SC20

    I’ve been using a 4 knob Spark Boost pedal, (TC Electronics). I love this pedal so much I’m thinking about getting a second one! That way I can have one set to clean boost and the other one set to “Fat” boost, which is a great setting for Strats and Teles! The thing about the Spark, for me...
  13. scozz

    Amp Has No Sound Thru Speaker

    I have a Bugera G5 Infinium that I use mostly for silent recording. It has a great E-out that has a choice of a 2-12 cab or a 4-12 cab, it works with the amp in standby mode. I’ve owned the amp for 6 years with no issues. Well a few days ago I went to play it thru my 1-12 Greenback cab and no...
  14. scozz

    Difference Between a JMP2203 and a JCM800 2203

    Would someone please explain the differences between these two amps. Circuit wise, tone wise, desirability, etc. I'm also interested in hearing your guys opinion on these two amps. Thanks.
  15. scozz

    Andy Timmons Band does Sgt Pepper

    If you’re a Beatles fan and a guitar player you’ll enjoy this. The Andy Timmons Band does a great instrumental arrangement of The Beatles Sgt Pepper album. Its well worth a listen,.....
  16. scozz

    Hook Amps, (Paul Davids)

    WOW,...any of you guys seen these amps?
  17. scozz

    Using 2/1-12 Cabinets

    I get confused with multiple speaker cabinets and ohms, so I'm hoping to get some help from people that know the best way to use these two 1-12 cabinets with my SC20 head. I have 2/1-12 16ohm speaker cabinets I'd like to use with my SC20h. One of the cabinets has 2 parallel speaker jacks, the...
  18. scozz

    Beatles Rooftop Concert 1969 (last public concert)

    How many of my Marshall Forum Brothers are old enough to remember when this happened? Rooftop of Abbey Road Studios in London in 1969, the Beatles played for about 20 minutes until the police shut them down. I believe it was their last public concert. They completely disrupted this business...
  19. scozz

    The Beatles Amps

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