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  1. jimmyo

    NTD - New Tube Day

    Was able to order these before things got crazy. Wonder if NTD will be a thing moving forward……….
  2. jimmyo

    NAD JCM2000 DSL100 MLB

    So thanks to forum user Leonard Neemoil who let me know this guy was available, I pulled the trigger on a used 2009 JCM2000 DSL that was on sale at Guitar Center/Musicians Friend. Really like the JCM2000 tones and was looking for a later 100watt one from when they were still made in UK. So...
  3. jimmyo

    It’s a good day when……..

    …… buy a used 1960ax cab off of Craigslist, open the cab and some UK made Greenbacks look back at you :uk:
  4. jimmyo

    Anyone actually use their Vintage Modern footswitch?

    So was wondering. Vintage Modern is basically a one channel amp. I use mine with the high gain mode engaged and use my guitar volume to roll down for cleans. Occasionally I’ll use the lower gain mode for some vintage Marshall clean tones and use pedals to get the gain going. I haven’t found...
  5. jimmyo

    How popular opinion of each series evolves

    Have you noticed how folks opinions of various Marshall’s has changed over the years? Just my observations and gross generalizations but to me seems like some of the various opinions I’d hear/read evolved over time since I started playing in the early 90’s: 1990’s - Man the new JCM900’s suck...
  6. jimmyo

    NAD Marshall 1923

    This one arrived this week. It’s a 1923 from 2008. From what I understand these were based on the DSL50 and they made a limited number for Jim Marshall’s 85th birthday. It’s in great condition and looks like it was barely used this last 12 years. Only had a chance to crank it up at home, but...