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  1. gsf1200r

    Tube Exchanges

    hey guys under the guidance of Martimus Maximus i took on the task of swappin the Pre-Amp Tubes in my Jcm900 Dr and my Jcm900 SL-X The SLX had a Sovtek 12AX7 in V1 and JJs in 2 ans 3 and the PI had a Marshall in it and the DR had three GE 12AX7s in it. so i took the advice he gave me...
  2. gsf1200r

    whoops i forgot my noob intro thread.

    hey guys sorry if i stepped on any toes but im new to this forum but im old to another un related forum. names Randy. im from Richmond VA. ive been playing Guitar since 1999 started with a tradition strat copy and a 50 watt Vox Bass amp lol i bought every pedal under the sun...
  3. gsf1200r

    Changing the Tubes in Mode4

    i have a Mode 4 Head and it has tube Pre amp tubes in does one replace them if needed? its got these metal wire clasps that go up the side and over the top. i noticed the tubes are Electro Harmonix 12 ax 7. any one messed with these Red Headed Step children? to me the MF350...

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