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  1. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD Brand New Fender Telecaster

    New guitar, ordered about 6 weeks ago. Fender Vintera 70's Custom Telecaster. It's a guitar inspired by their 70's Telecaster that was an attempt to compete with Les Paul's. The pickups were designed by Tim Shaw, yes, that Tim Shaw. Really cool Tele! Sounds amazing, because I'm a Les Paul guy...
  2. TXOldRedRocker

    FS: Tone King Ironman II Mini

    I'm selling my Tone King Ironman II Mini. I sold the amp I was using it with. It has less than 20 hours on it. I've never used it outside of my home music room. Non-smoker. I had another attenuator that I used primarily, and bought this to do a head to head. And, as I just stated, ended up...
  3. TXOldRedRocker

    Interesting speaker video

    For those that don't know much about Celestion speakers, their history, differences, etc., and want to learn more. I think this is a pretty cool, if not monotone, discussion about Celestion speakers. It was published about 18 months ago.
  4. TXOldRedRocker

    I hope there will be a Raw Blu-Ray

    ZZ Top announces new live album, Raw. ZZ Top News Release I've been in and around Gruene Hall many times. Just within the last few months, even though I'm 165 miles away. As the thread title states, I really hope there's a video to go with the music. One last live visual concert recoding of...
  5. TXOldRedRocker

    FS Pedals: DigiTech, MXR, J Rocket and more

    I offer for sale some really good pedals. I just have too many, including duplicates of some of these. I'm not a gigging musician, so all of the pedals have only been used in my home playing, non-smoking, playing environment. I have the original boxes for all, as you will see. All had velcro on...
  6. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T Fire Burst Flame

    I picked up this beautiful 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T in Fire Burst Flame.
  7. TXOldRedRocker

    NPD! Snouse

    I patiently waited, and the patience payed off. I am now the proud owner of this pedal.
  8. TXOldRedRocker


    New pickups day. Just arrived. Waited almost 2 years to get these. Feel lucky I did, his wife is saying that no new orders have been taken for quite some time, and he's retiring as soon as all backorders are filled.
  9. TXOldRedRocker

    Interesting new multi-effects pedal coming soon

    A new company has been formed based on what I think is a cool new pedal idea. Some very good, some award winning, guitarists have been their testers. (I'm not affiliated with them, don't know them, and I am not a not a backer. Just find it interesting.)...
  10. TXOldRedRocker

    Musical Christmas Picture Thread

    Merry Christmas to all you MF'ers that celebrate it! :cheers: A little Christmas guitar/amp picture. Please add yours if you'd like.
  11. TXOldRedRocker

    Mesa sound more like a Fender

    With my home setup, I have considered purchasing a Fender Super-Sonic. I have shared pedalboards where I can run wet/wet, wet/dry, amp A or amp B, etc. I've been playing my Fender Princeton Reverb with a pedalboard of its own, not in my my complex playing/recording setup. Hence, wanting a Fender...
  12. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD, My first G&L. Updated with new pictures.

    Grabbed a 2012 G&L Fullerton Legacy USA in Emerald Green Metallic. It was an impulse buy. Not very expensive, so if I don't like it, I can give to a kid, or sell it. These pictures are not my specific guitar. But mine is identical. Edit: I added pictures of mine and additional info below.
  13. TXOldRedRocker

    If you're a Frampton fan with some cash

    Frampton selling some gear through his new Reverb Artist Store.
  14. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD GLP Custom Classic Gold Top 2011

    This is the follow-up thread for the Incoming NGD thread I started a few days ago. 2011 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic Gold Top Absolutely love this guitar. I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Gibson pickups. But these 2011 '57 Classic sound great. I'll be leaving this guitar completely...
  15. TXOldRedRocker

    Incoming NGD

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic Gold Top '57 Classics It came in... this is the newer thread with pictures. Jump to here:
  16. TXOldRedRocker

    NAD - Mesa Fillmore 25 combo

    I got the Mesa Fillmore combo today. I have it in my cabinet. It replaced a Fender Princeton Reverb in that spot. The Fender will become purely standalone. Getting this set up is for both (1) a Wet/Dry, with the Marshall/Mesa combo, and (2) also stereo with the two Mesa's. The two amp heads...
  17. TXOldRedRocker

    NPsD - 3 new pedals, OD, Fuzz, Chorus

    About to fire 'em up!
  18. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD: Damnit, I bought another LP. Trad Pro V

    I had no intention of buying another guitar anytime soon. But, I have an autoimmune arthritis condition that attacks my tendons. It limits flexibility, and creates pain. I'm generally on the lookout for a super slim neck. While in the store, I was checking out the LP's and SG's and came across...
  19. TXOldRedRocker

    Thinkin' 'bout an Ibanez Prestige

    I've never owned an Ibanez. Only played them in music stores. But this Prestige really as me so curious I'm likely to pull the trigger on it. I don't play anything remotely metal, but I think I can live with these Dimarzio's. If not, I'll just swap 'em. Wish it had inlays...
  20. TXOldRedRocker

    SOLD. Two Truetone 1Spot Pro CS12's for sale

    I'm selling two 1Spot Pro CS12's on Reverb. Here's the listing.

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