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  1. jimmyo

    For those of you who own Marshall 2203 master volumes, where do you keep your settings?

    All the eq controls pretty much at noon. Preamp to the right at 3 o’clock, but not maxed. Volume as high as possible. Boss Sd1 or Maxon 808 for extra gain/compression on solos. Les Paul into the front end. Clean level boost pedal in loop for solo volume boost. Wind down the guitar volume...
  2. jimmyo

    Playing a small bar gig- is this too much?

    Played a bar this weekend and remembered this thread. Not a huge place, about 50-60 people probably. Used my JVM410h and 1960a 4x12 cab, playing range of stuff in a cover band - Stevie Wonder, Prince, Journey, Kansas, Bruno Mars, Muse, AC/DC. We tend to rock things up a bit. Had the master...
  3. jimmyo

    Design issues/flaws summarized please for JVM205H and JVM410H

    I have a JVM 410h and 205h and haven’t had any issues other than the tube changes and pot cleanings you expect with any tube amp. Most of the mods etc posted for these amps are to fine tune the tones for personal preferences but no major design ‘flaws’ that I can think of.
  4. jimmyo

    JCM2000 DSL50 inbound

    Congratulations! Great amp!
  5. jimmyo

    Is one amp enough?

    Two girlfriends = heaven Two wives = hell :io:
  6. jimmyo

    Is one amp enough?

    … one amp enough? Never……….. As Yngwie would say. More is more…….how can less be more?
  7. jimmyo


    Not sure I agree that JCM900 were trouble free. The JCM900 SLX is one of my favorite amps but has the well known bridge rectifier issue, that can burn up your circuit board. All my DSLs (also one of my favorites) are 2005 or later (intentionally) so avoided the bias drift issues, but have had...
  8. jimmyo


    For buying Marshall’s in the US the used market is your friend. Fortunately through combination of timing and having a forgiving wife, and checking my local GC used section, Craigslist, music go round, reverb etc, and sometimes willing to drive a few hrs, have built a collection of 8 made in UK...
  9. jimmyo

    Recommend A Marshall - JCM800 Super Lead, SV20H, Or SC20H

    If it were me, I’d go for a 100 watt JCM800, either reissue or a good condition original. The 2203x reissue is very good, though expensive new, try finding a used one if possible. I’ve always found the 100watt amps to have more chunk. Not to say there are not some amazing 50watt or 20watt...
  10. jimmyo

    What do you think will the marshall valve amp die?

    For as long as there is music in the world…….there will be Marshall
  11. jimmyo

    I am officially Marshall-less.

    Huh? the tube shortage in the last 2-3 weeks caused catastrophic problems that quickly? I have several Marshall tube heads and have zero plans to selll them. JJ is still making tubes and I'm pretty sure things will work themselves out. If there is a demand, someone will fill the opportunity...
  12. jimmyo

    I'm getting a JVM

    No, they are a totally different amp. Saying that I’ve never had a problem with my JVMs or JCM2000s other than routine maintenance like cleaning crackly pots, and new tubes every once in a while. Only quirk is the fx loop is parallel so you need to use kill dry setting on your fx. Great amps...
  13. jimmyo

    NTD - New Tube Day

    Was able to order these before things got crazy. Wonder if NTD will be a thing moving forward……….
  14. jimmyo

    JCM2000 DSL 50 - YAY or NAY

    Try to find one from after 2005 and you shouldn’t have to worry about bias drift issues. Should have the later revision PCB with those issues addressed. I have one from 2005 and it has the updated PCB. They are great amps. I have two and play them routinely. My band did a live video shoot...
  15. jimmyo

    NAD JCM2000 DSL100 MLB

    So thanks to forum user Leonard Neemoil who let me know this guy was available, I pulled the trigger on a used 2009 JCM2000 DSL that was on sale at Guitar Center/Musicians Friend. Really like the JCM2000 tones and was looking for a later 100watt one from when they were still made in UK. So...
  16. jimmyo

    Anti Compression Mod Comparison

    Yeah you are totally right, clean red also. Was thinking the OD channels. I probably need to spend some more time with clean red again since I changed the preamp tube. One nice thing I found with changing to the ECC823, it allows you to set the gain higher on amber and red OD1 and OD2...
  17. jimmyo

    Anti Compression Mod Comparison

    Try a JJ ECC823 in the first preamp gain position (the one with the metal shield). Lowers the gain and compression and noise for OD amber and red modes only and allows them to balance better with green mode. Doesn’t impact the other modes, and for about $18 a tube is a simple and reversible...
  18. jimmyo

    JCM800 Studio Vs the 50W/100W

    So was jamming classic arena rock yesterday with a drummer, bassist, keyboards and vocals. My 100watt JCM800 2203x was perfect at a regular not excessively loud band rehearsal volume, in a rehearsal studio no attenuation needed. Gave some of that 100w Marshall chunk and just sat in the mix...
  19. jimmyo

    (2022) New Marshall Rumors:

    Saw this about unofficial speculation for Marshall pedal reissues: Even if it’s not a reality yet, I’d love if Marshall did reissue quality versions of the 4 original late 80s/early 90s pedals. I’m sure several...
  20. jimmyo

    JCM 800 2203 attenuator

    I have a Boss TAE and use it with my JCM800x and so far no issues with the volume up about half way on the amp. Were you finding issues with the volume maxed out or all the way across the volume range? Would be great to learn what to look out for. Thanks