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  1. Fernieite

    NCD: 1965B 4x10 (Full stack)

    Thanks. It's a great sounding setup for sure. No, I don't notice any difference in sound between the two. I think the G10L-35 sticker is the only thing that changed.
  2. Fernieite

    '70, 1960B, Refurb And/Or Sell?

    Well, congrats to both parties then! Looking forward to the new owner's restoration thread!
  3. Fernieite

    1965 cab refurb!

    By the title of the thread, I was expecting a model 1965 cab. (1980s 4x10) Congrats on the score!
  4. Fernieite

    Should I Repair It, Or Sell It?

    Are you in the GTA? My amp tech is very good and reasonably priced. He works out of his house so overhead is low. He knows Traynors. (this is where they were built after all) I think he actually owns the same model as yours.
  5. Fernieite

    Identify the 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 4 12 Speaker Cabs 1960A 1960B ? HELP!

    I'm only going by memory here, but didn't the pinstripe cloth get changed to basket weave (Salt N Pepper) in 1968, and then large check (checkerboard) in 1972 or so? Edit: Oh, sorry. The OP is talking about the 1980s. Carry on. I'll go back to drinking my beer. :yum:
  6. Fernieite

    NCD: 1965B 4x10 (Full stack)

    Well, I changed the grill cloth on this one too. I think it looks pretty good.
  7. Fernieite

    1966 vs 1965 Cabs

    Welcome to the forum. :) I have a stack of 1965s but have never played through a 1966, so can't help you with that. However, judging from your forum handle and avatar photo, you're a bass player right? If so, that's likely to factor into the equation. Don't Bass players generally prefer 10"...
  8. Fernieite

    WTB Marshall Handwired 1974X Footswitch

    If a used one doesn't show up, why not get a new one? - I bought a new one years ago through my local guitar shop that sold Marshall amps. They had to order it for me, but it didn't take that long.
  9. Fernieite

    Not exactly a Marshall but... mystery amp.

    This website has a little bit of info on Holler.
  10. Fernieite

    NAD: 1973 Laney LC-50 2x12 combo

    Very nice! Congrats. :applause: How much does it weigh?
  11. Fernieite

    Marshall Voltage Plate for Plexis

    It looks like these can be bought in either 125, 160, or 550 Watts Would the following be correct? 125 Watts for 18/20 watt amps. 160 Watts for 50 watt amps. 550 Watts for 100 watt amps.
  12. Fernieite

    FS: Vintage pedals!

    This will be my final bump for these excellent pedals. I'll keep them if they don't sell soon.
  13. Fernieite

    Brimar- The Great British Valve Project!

    Really, I searched for a thread about Brimar and nothing relevant came up... Yeah, I did the WE survey last week! :)
  14. Fernieite

    Brimar- The Great British Valve Project!

    I just heard about this! Sounds encouraging. The return of British valves!
  15. Fernieite

    Trying to Identify The Amps in This Photo

    Interesting! I think I remember reading an interview where Jimmy Page said he used an Axis amp for the studio recording of "Since I've been loving you" in late 1969 or early 1970. He said it was sitting in the hallway of the studio, (Olympic, or Island studios) and he borrowed it for that track...
  16. Fernieite

    Trying to Identify The Amps in This Photo

    I was thinking the same thing, based on the look of the logos. However, I think Music Man started in 1974.
  17. Fernieite

    Trying to Identify The Amps in This Photo

    I just gooled it, and have a Twitter link with a photo that matches your description. Is this the picture? No idea what amps or cabs these were...
  18. Fernieite

    FS: Vintage pedals!

    :cool: The FY-2 has been sold!
  19. Fernieite

    NCD: 1965B 4x10 (Full stack)

    Another detail about my new 1965B cab - It looks like it used to have one of those rectangular logos on the bottom left of the cloth. I don't remember ever seeing one of those on a 1965B before. Both cabs are the same size, (width and height) the 1965A is 10" deep on the top, whereas the 1965B...
  20. Fernieite

    NCD: 1965B 4x10 (Full stack)

    Speakers date to Sept 9th, 1988 and the serial number is in the 7000 range.