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  1. Eric'45

    P90 Recommendations

    Hi fellow Marshall freaks. I decided I should treat myself to a small Christmas present, and seeing especially the LP Junior build of @fitz288 I came to the conclusion that I need a P90 Guitar in my life. I'm not fully satisfied with my Epiphone Build...
  2. Eric'45

    The Underground Heavy Metal Appreciation Thread

    Hi Guys, I have been a Member on this site for some Time now, and I have to say, I enjoy my time here!:cheers: I'd like to talk a bit about the unsung Heroes- Amazing and talented Guitarists and Bands that never made it big- despite being creative, talented and sometimes visionary. Feel free to...
  3. Eric'45

    So...I finally registered here!

    After a bit of lurking around I decided to join this place, although I'm somehow a minority:). I'm 27 Years old and I'm from Germany- and you all are kinda guilty my neighbors hate me:fingersx: Few years ago I got aDSL40C and that's when the madness started- looking around for Tips how to make...

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