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  1. LyseFar

    NAD x2!! Jose Arrendondo modded 1971 Marshall Super Leads

    Congratulations. Great vintage - my birthyear... gotta find one from that year for myself...
  2. LyseFar

    Which 100W Super Lead?

    I am not sure that anything can prepare one for the 100w Super Lead volume :-) I think your 4010 is a decent amp and those I've heard of them was very good sounding (I had a 4211 jcm800 back in the day and loved it). I can understand why you want a 100 watt, but my advice is to try out a few...
  3. LyseFar

    Let's see your Pedalboard

    I have two boards. One for my Boogie MkV35: Flip side of medal where - amongst other things - midi is translated into Mesa Boogie language: And this for my JMP.: The A/B with the EQ makes the JMP Super Lead into a 4-channel amp - kind of... one cable to each I and II
  4. LyseFar

    Master volume vs power soak

    What you want with your Marshall - at least the older ones is to get the nice overdrive from the power tubes. There is only one way to get that -> Volume up. The Marshall Master volume models overdrives the pre-amp tubes and it sound different. Still very good. I use a loadbox/attenuator on my...
  5. LyseFar

    ACDC Tone: Marshall DSL40 or Origin 20?

    Sorry - could not help myself. This short clip I just made with my 1980 Super Lead where I just reinstalled 4,7nF bright cap... All on 5 except Volume I on 3 Kind of close - at least in my ears :-)
  6. LyseFar

    So, what in Marshall are you looking to get next?

    I have one of these 80' Super Leads - you get a lot for the money with these: The bottom one is mine - from 1980. The top one is a 1975, but mine sounds a lot better ;-) Super great amp. The photo is taken last year in Sweet Silence Studios' in Copenhagen when we were tracking our latest album...
  7. LyseFar

    Here is my Strat pickup :

    A few weeks ago I installed a Dimarzio Fast Track 2 Bridge on my Mexican strat. Switched it for the stock alnico 5 pickup that was a bit noisy. That Fast Track 2 really rocks..from clean to not-clean-at-all. And not that expensive either...
  8. LyseFar

    NCD: more Boogie!

    So cool...congrats.. Have to post my Boogie setup: The cab is a my very old road ready Thiele with a Black Shadow c90 inside. Killer combination..
  9. LyseFar

    Marshall vs Boogie

    Recorded my very first demo on a Boogie Mark III in the late 80'ies. Loved Mesas ever since. Have a Mark Five:35 now and a 1980 JMP Marshall Super Lead. Happy I am.
  10. LyseFar

    NAD: ‘80 Marshall JMP 1987 50 Watt Head

    Very nice
  11. LyseFar

    Super Bass breaking up early

    My 1980 Super Lead did a few weeks ago a volume drop down to 25% of normal. It sounded ok but very early breakup though somehow more compressed. It turned out to be a failing/worn out powertube (Old RFT). Got some of those Groove Tubes EL34-M 7. Now I am back at the usual very very very high...
  12. LyseFar

    Gibson SG's: What Am I Missing?

    Really like the sound Derek Trucks get from the SG. Fantastic tone - and a great player.
  13. LyseFar

    I Need A Small Recording Set Up?

    At my homestudo I have a pair of Yamaha HS-7, a Steinberg UR22 MKII and a fast laptop (I7 / SDD drive). The preamps in the Steinberg are pretty good - Yamaha D-PRE Class-A. A SM57 mics and an sE Z5600 for vocals. When I mix I have to compensate (be easy on the lows) for not having a sub, but...
  14. LyseFar

    I'm Having An Affair With Another Woman.

    The rock'n'roll solution: Keep both. :hbang:
  15. LyseFar

    Used 1959hw Or 1987x

    I would go for the 1987x
  16. LyseFar

    Mullard 12ax7 Ri

    There is a big difference in the v1 preamp position regarding which tube you choose. Remember to re-bias when changing powertubes.
  17. LyseFar

    The Recording Thread

  18. LyseFar

    Buffer And Wah?

    Yes - I run my 95q wah second - after my fuzz wich is true bypass and no buffers to prevent exactly what you describe.
  19. LyseFar

    What Monitors , Bang For Buck ?

    Think the guy is looking for studio monitors not PA monitors. Or did I misunderstood the question?
  20. LyseFar

    What Monitors , Bang For Buck ?

    Got a pair of Yamaha HS7 and a pair of Yorkville YSM1p both active and affordable. Like both. The Yorkvilles are very old so probably not available anymore. I use the HS7's without a sub. It is possible but important to follow Yamahas setup guidelines in general and regarding placement in the...

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