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    New Marshall Day!!


    Origin or DSL?

    The DSL will sound similar to that.

    Have you ever blown a Celestion G12T-75w speaker?

    Wow. I didn't think that was possible. A 50 watt amp blowing a 300 watt cab's speaker.

    Have you ever blown a Celestion G12T-75w speaker?

    If so, with what amp? And with how many watts was the amp? And what were the circumstances?

    Trying to get a custom tolex Marshall isn't easy!

    What kind of elephant hide/tolex are you looking for?

    For those of you who own Marshall 2203 master volumes, where do you keep your settings?

    Where do you like your pre-amp, presence, bass, middle and treble?

    JVM 50w or 100w combo?

    Go with the 50 watt. It won't hurt your ears as bad. And it will save you some money when re-tubing. I have a 100 watt master volume and I can barely turn it on. Whereas my two two 60 watt amps are no problem. In some ways most amps get their distortion from the preamp section. The power tubes...

    JCM 900 with Bugera PS1 Attenuator Smoked!

    This is one of the reasons why I don't like attenuators. Another reason is I don't think they sound good.


    Yes don't put KT-88s or 6550s in that amp.
  10. EADGBE

    Different tubes

    Use only EL34/6CA7 power tubes and ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes for that amp. My favorites are JJ EL34 and JJ ECC83S. The new Svetlana EL34 and Tung-Sol EL34 sound good too. I don't trust Chinese EL34s myself. If you want to boycott Russian products go with the JJs. Remember the amp needs to have...
  11. EADGBE

    Help with MG15 amp buzz

    Maybe try a different guitar lead/cable.
  12. EADGBE

    Massive auction of Gary Moore's gear. Lots of old Marshalls

    The 4x12s look like a bargain. And like Bull Rock said I'd like to have that Soldano Hot Rod 50 too.
  13. EADGBE

    Fuse keeps blowing in my TSL, anyone else have this issue?

    It could be a bad power tube. Maybe even a bad electrolytic capacitor. Or something else. Tell the tech the symptoms. By the way what brand of power tubes do you have in your amp?
  14. EADGBE

    JCM2000 DSL50 inbound

    That is a nice amp!
  15. EADGBE

    Studio Vintage: bright cap vs no cap tone test:

    Do you have a link to sound clips? Anyway which do you like the best?
  16. EADGBE

    NAD: Rare'ish 1987 model

    I like that orange covering. 🙂
  17. EADGBE

    Is one amp enough?

    What kind of effects etc. do you use?
  18. EADGBE

    Is one amp enough?

    Yes one amp is enough. But a backup can come in handy sometimes. Like when the other amp is in the repair shop etc.