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  1. AtomicRob

    Advice from the "Sound guy"

    Well then, case closed! Plot twist: We're comparing the pristine ears of Marshall amp users up against the equally pristine ears of guys who work sound in loud venues week after week for decades...
  2. AtomicRob

    Advice from the "Sound guy"

    Yeah... the older/experienced guys seem to have no hearing left so even though they may know how to do their job, the FOH sound is always too loud and bright because their hearing stops at 12khz....
  3. AtomicRob

    What audio setup are you using for home jamming?

    Depends if I need to be quiet or not. Not quiet, I just play it off my computer via MOTU M4 into Crown D-75 amp which powers the monitors, while playing through amp and cab of choice. If I'm being quiet, which unfortunately is most of the time I run straight off my pedalboard via a custom...
  4. AtomicRob

    Batman Premier

    Huh? When a ~$5000 DSLR (or MILC) can create video with better quality than $50,000 ARRI cameras from a few years ago, that seems like a good thing in general. I'm a stills photographer so I don't care for all the video features getting stuffed into cameras and driving up the cost, but that's a...
  5. AtomicRob

    Need some info on this Marshall cabinet i bought yesterday

    Those are 8ohm and nominally rated 100W but for RadioShack that would be a program power rating, not RMS power, which is maybe half that if you’re lucky. You might be ok with a 50w amp into the pair?
  6. AtomicRob

    Any of those handheld oscilloscopes on Amazon actually useful?

    Depends what you need it for? A handheld scope will have a lot of trade offs compared to a bench scope. If you don’t actually need it to be handheld, you can buy all kinds of used scopes like analog Tektronix scopes, for about the same cost. And those will be far superior in pretty much every...
  7. AtomicRob

    JCM800 2204 Gut Shot Questions

    It's a little hard to see in that pic, maybe if you can get a clearer pic of the board. Appears to be some resistors that were replaced from the top (soldered on to the old leads) and a couple piggybacked resistors, and those orange drops wouldn't be stock either. But I can't quite tell what the...
  8. AtomicRob

    3210 Chop Job?

    Regardless of whether you feel the amp is collectible or not, using a new chassis would probably be EASIER than modifying the existing chassis and it would end up looking cleaner. Especially if your shop can make a new chassis to whatever size you need. Just use the old chassis holes as a drill...
  9. AtomicRob

    High End Guitar Cables + Speakers Cables!!!

    I usually make my own from bulk cable, I guess because I like to do things the harder, more expensive, less reliable way… but anyway I’ve used Mogami plus I‘ve also used some braided cloth covered cable I got somewhere, can’t remember what kind exactly but my point in all this is that the Mogami...
  10. AtomicRob

    BONUS: Save Now - Three threads in one!

    Woo hoo, necro thread. Fun fact about asparagus… it makes everyone‘s pee smell funny, but only about a quarter of people are able to sense that odor. So if you thought it didn’t make yours smell…nope, you just can’t smell it…
  11. AtomicRob

    USB Mics?

    I have a Shure PG27USB which is the USB version of the PG27 which is/was a fairly cheap (~$200?) condensor mic. I only use it for video conferences for work… it might be a cheap condensor but it still blows away the mics in my laptop or webcam. I haven’t really used it for music - I use other...
  12. AtomicRob

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    It's a bit more than that, they are actually producing tubes that work and people are buying - at audiophool prices - but still they can make tubes. The question is could they do it at a scale and price that makes sense for ordinary tubes.
  13. AtomicRob

    New KT 66 from Angela music

    Just two for me - a 600a and a military TV-2C/U - that’s the big daddy :cool: Unfortunately it isn’t calibrated or even close. :noplease:I have some work to do.
  14. AtomicRob

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    Done! Seems like this is less of a pipe dream compared to some entirely new company setting up shop in the US. Western Electric actually have a working production line already…
  15. AtomicRob

    New KT 66 from Angela music

    Me too, guess I better warm up the old Hickok… I already have too many tubes in the stash which I bought at some point and didn’t get around to testing, probably a few surprises waiting for me.
  16. AtomicRob

    New KT 66 from Angela music

    Thanks for the tip, they have one less pair in stock now! I realized I have almost no KT66 left in the tube stash and I have two amps that take a pair. Probably should have bought more than one pair but still trying to hold on to the belief that the market will get back to normal in a few years. Ha.
  17. AtomicRob

    Marshall c.1968 Model #1973 2x12 20w Combo

    What I've read is that Marshall used the model #1973 for both 18w and 20w 2x12 combo amps. A 20w will have 2 preamp tubes and solid-state rectification. 18w is three preamp tubes and an EZ81 rectifier. The pictures here show what looks like a 20w amp. With some slightly odd component values if...
  18. AtomicRob

    Fly Jet Blue

    Scary part is, this time he got caught...
  19. AtomicRob

    Looking for an inexpensive multimeter for amp setup/repair

    I went for Brymen over Fluke because I had a project where I needed better accuracy in certain ranges than Fluke could provide in a handheld DMM without spending stupid amounts of money. Brymen 867s is 50000 counts, and like $150 from TME in Poland. To get 50000 counts on a Fluke you're looking...
  20. AtomicRob

    Inventory Spreadsheet?

    You know, Murphy's Law and all, if you do all this preparation it's just going to mean you'll end up sticking around for another decade. But in any case. I'd suggest not using a computer at all for this kind of thing. It's waaaaay too easy for files on a computer to disappear, get lost, or...