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    Bought myself a Joyo Bantamp Zombie II

    In my experience, yes.
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    Bought myself a Joyo Bantamp Zombie II

    I added footswitch to my meteor. Works great, but the shared volume isn't great 😄. I have a Jackman and a zombie as well. I've gigged with the meteor a bunch of times, and used the Jackman in the studio. Truly awesome little amps.
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    whats the last guitar

    I've considered hunting down some real jazzmaster pickups. The ones this thing came with are some unmarked cheapo ceramic P90s. I used all the provided parts when I built it, just to see how it turned out. Now it's probably time to start messing with it to make it cooler😃
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    whats the last guitar

    That was my thought too. My wife and son were apparently choosing between that kit and a fake strat kit to give me for Christmas. My son chose the jazzmaster shape because it was weirdly interesting. I'm glad they did. I usually play some sort of les paul shaped thing. This thing is a fun change.
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    Marshall SC20H: not so good sound...please help!

    That's the same cab I use with my SC20 most of the time. They pair nicely together.
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    Shipping Boxes Gear Arrived In

    I keep factory boxes for some stuff. Most of those go away after warranty expiration. Shipping boxes never make it into the house. They get flattened/cut up on the porch as I'm unpacking. I kept 2 or 3 large shipping boxes (think: shipping box for 12 string acoustic flight case). They break...
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    JCA800 hand wired replica, new from Jet City

    Given the price of an SC20h in the US, this could be a cool alternative for a lot of people. I had 2 JC50 heads. Still have one. Really cool amp. Ridiculously sensitive to preamp tube brands/differences. Pairs great with marshall branded v30s. Works great with v30s in general, but the marshalls...
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    whats the last guitar

    DIY fake jazzmaster kit. It's my lightest guitar. Messed my shoulders up a while back. Most of my guitars are LP types. They're a bit heavy for the moment. Was working on the bridge section of a song that is about 90% finished. That last 10% is starting to piss me off 😄
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    SC20C or H: what am I getting for the ticket price?

    Sounds like I need to start a French 'second hand' marshall shop for my American friends😄 (My sc20 was about $950 - 5 months ago)
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    SC20C or H: what am I getting for the ticket price?

    When I'm playing live, I make a point to crawl around through the backline between each song to engage/disengage the loop. How else would I find something to bitch to marshall about? 😄
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    The Official Marshall Studio Classic Thread Sc20

    Honestly, the SC20 is probably my least noisy anp. Even with a HMv2 installed. I use a tubescreamer in front as well. Still a very quiet amp (as far as self-noise goes).
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    What is a good 70s movie?

    Hercules in New York.
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    If You Sell A Guitar And Buy Another, Do you Give Your Spouse Any $'s?

    This is a seriously multi-faceted conversation in my household, but in reality it's pretty simple. If I sell something and get cash, I'll drop 50 or 100 bucks in my wallet and give the rest to my wife. When something comes up that requires cash, she busts out her secret bucket of cash from...
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    Speaker "burn in"

    If anything has taught me that breaking in speakers is real, it's been owning brand new V30s. Those things can be rough as hell right out of the box.
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    Best affordable 1x12 cabs

    Yup. And the cabs aren't bad either. I have one of the 2x12 horizontals and one of the 2x12 verticals. Both are 16mm ply. I bought the horizontal cab specifically because I needed the speakers for another cab and it was cheaper than buying them raw.
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    Do You Own An Irreplaceable Guitar?

    I have a couple one off customs. I suppose if my luthier died, they would be irreplaceable. I have a late 80s fender classical that's been pretty much everywhere with me since it was new. That would suck to lose. My daily drivers? Nah most of the stuff that gets used all the time is...
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    Best affordable 1x12 cabs

    If you're a fan of V30s, thomann has a semi-open 1x12 for under 150. Wouldn't take much to make it closed back.
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    ***Essential Pedals. What's yours?***

    Stripped down to basics? If I'm using my marshall, a tubescreamer and a wah will get the job done. Most of my other amps - a treble booster and a wah. (This all assumes that tuners are exempt from this list) I don't use a lot of time/space effects - but stripping down to basics would mean...
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    Leslie tones on a budget, any ideas?

    Another vote for the roctary. They were clearing them out at one of the French online shops last year for about 50 bucks each. I bought 2 so my bass player could try it out too. The name is stupid though. Roctary? It's a fuzz, octave, Leslie. So - Octafuzzlie. 😄 I know its not exactly the...
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    Ebay is now going to ask for your SS# and send you a 1099-K

    I'm actually faced with the living in one EU country and working in another thing currently - but not for me. One of the girls that works for me moved to another EU country a year or two ago. We don't have an office in the country she's in. After a couple years, local and EU regs are making it...