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  1. V-man

    RR (Randy Rhoads) Plexi

    one of the few acceptable necro threads given the limited number of amps made. 1. in terms of volume, people talk about how insane it is dimed, especially through 100w Altecs. That‘s a “yes, but not the whole story” assessment. I had owned a pair of 417H speakers and still own some G-12K 100s...
  2. V-man

    Getting the most of Marshall 50th Anniversary 1w amps: Share your stories!

    I liked my JMP and my JCM H models, especially the fact that you could run FX after them in 0.1w mode. The extra gain on the JMP was pretty cool as well. My complaint was the knob layout was piss poor, especially seeing the DSL and JVM offered closer to full knobs with them all being designed...
  3. V-man


    Sell the guitar, fuck that watch. new amp… or whores.
  4. V-man

    Sound comparison: '69 JMP 50 vs '78 2204 vs '89 Jubilee

    The obvious answer (particularly w your style) is going to be the ‘69, regardless of how good the ’78 was.
  5. V-man

    Ever only play one?

    Do they make a desirable robot tuner with ez-pup swap option and extendable/collapsable scale with hardtail/trem toggling? in short, fuck no. 1-2 inspire rock most. 2-3 do Metal X or Y best. So there are no fewer than 2 in the hands in a week or 3 in a month.
  6. V-man

    NPD- Beano Boost

    I miss my sun lion. the pedal was great with my 1959. I have tried to make due using a fixed wah pedal as an improvised TB
  7. V-man

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Judas Priest headlined 08. All that mattered was seeing them and Mötorhead, and testament. Fourth band (played 3rd) sounded oddly familiar… Heaven and hell. I was graced with the privilege of seeing RJD front the reformed sabbath. That was the only time I got to see him and Lemmy live. RIP to...
  8. V-man

    Ozzy vs Dio

    As I recall, In his younger days Ozzy stuck up for this dude getting attacked by these two guys by jumping in and beating them up. He was then arrested for assaulting 2 plainclothes policemen and interfering with their arrest of a suspect. I don’t see a young Dio taking down two cops… without...
  9. V-man

    JMP 2104 Speakers

    My 78 412 has Blackbacks in it. My guess is you may be more likely to have those, although 65s make more sense for amp safety in a combo.
  10. V-man

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Your point is 100% valid… which was why I paused, reflected and wrote it that way. I had to ask: are they not covered much because you need a Halford or Dickinson range to pull it off? Probably so. Then this: Something about this concept translates well with the above… both with the vocals and...
  11. V-man


    I got a call from the shop. I had a friend struggling w the booze use my # for his amp tech. He skipped town a while ago and it was $60 to pay the bench fee. I picked it up. This was in my interim “valley” years between peaks of obsession in high school and rediscovery in my mid-30s. The amp...
  12. V-man

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Side note: I would love to hear a Tribute to Black Sabbath - the Dio tracks from bands covering the best of those songs… But I could stand to hear another album or 2 of Ozzy-era songs not covered first. NIB, Vol. 1-5 sounds about right to me.
  13. V-man

    Ozzy vs Dio

    I really don’t understand this either… at all. IDC if someone does not like or hates Ozzy. The music speaks for itself. There is nothing DIO-era that approaches Hand of Doom, Supernaut, Into the Void etc. There are excellent songs in places, but nothing that inspires a whole new genre of metal...
  14. V-man

    Distortion pedal comparison ( high gain)

    I hate these demos in the sense that they suck me in like clickbait but sound nothing like whatever they sound like on the demo through Marshall rigs.
  15. V-man

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Time for an unoriginal rehash, maybe with a twist. A discussion, of Sabbath vs Sabbath, Ozzy, vs Dio (the bands), and Ozzy vs Dio (the men). My $0.02 in TL;DR form - Ozzy > Dio in all band formats, but Dio destroys Ozzy otherwise. Interested in seeing what you think and why. Sabbath I see a...
  16. V-man

    Questions about tube biasing

    I purchased a TAD Biasmaster back in the day when I was hopping around 6+ Marshalls. Possible overkill for those who have 1-2 amps, but such a great and convenient unit, albeit expensive AF.
  17. V-man

    Enjoying the second greatest sound of any Marshall this evening

    To date, I have yet to use the “nuclear option” (diming 2 stacks, resting the jacked against guitar to perpetual feedback and heading out to get groceries) but it’s nice to know it’s there. ;)
  18. V-man

    Questions about tube biasing

    1. There is no perfect setting. IMO getting the tubes as close to matched readings is the bigger goal with my older less-precise amps. biasing is like bath water. There is too hot and too cold. The former is dangerous to the amp, the latter is less pleasant to experience. Plate voltage also...
  19. V-man

    Enjoying the second greatest sound of any Marshall this evening

    mine’s the old-old gray one!
  20. V-man

    Enjoying the second greatest sound of any Marshall this evening

    I tried being civil but firm… this time