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  2. Trapland

    fav amp you own

    Well, a few weeks ago I would quickly have said my 1959 tweed Super-amp. But today I would have to say my Kemper. My tweed Super is in it. So are my 68 plexi, 67 Vibrolux reverb and AC15. Time to thin the herd. Since the Kemper is zero watts, I think it counts. But I'm a guitar player, so...
  3. Trapland

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    It’s not going to happen. They sell those 300 tubes EACH for $775!!!!! (when you buy a quad). Probably less than 1% of guitar players would even consider shelling out $3100 to retune a Superlead. Add another +/- $1500 for the preamp. $4600 to retube a $3000 jcm800 2203. Nope. why would they...
  4. Trapland

    Tube shortage because of Russian import ban????

    I feel fortunate to have enough inventory to feed any amps I own or might own for several lifetimes. If my freinds get desparate I can help,them out too. Also if somebody wants to overpay, I’ll make sure they know they are overpaying, then make the sale. I could sell a fraction of what I...
  5. Trapland

    Where have all the old amps gone?

    That ironic. A few years ago @Limeshack b0ught a 50watt JMP online. The seller put a USPS label on the tolex and away it went. He found it sitting on his front step in inner city Minneapolis in zero packaging. It had arrived.
  6. Trapland

    Sold: Marshall 2061cx cabinet 2x12 empty. Minneapolis area.

    Sorry I didn’t list the price. $500 empty. Most of them have sold for 650-750 on Reverb. There have been exceptions, there’s a knockoff for sale now for 500. Sorry I don’t want to ship. I suspect it’s near 300 to take it to a UPS store. I priced a 4x12 a month ago and it was 400 they pack...
  7. Trapland

    Sold: Marshall 2061cx cabinet 2x12 empty. Minneapolis area.

    As title says. I do have 65 oxfords but first it’s empty. Has Marshall style push in caster added. Great for use with SV20 head or small box plexi.
  8. Trapland

    SOLD 4x12 Celestion G12-65 - Original 1982

    Looks clearly like an A slant cab.
  9. Trapland the stuff still out there?

    A9D19A39-D3F8-4307-9A52-16FEBAD77313 by Trapland posted Dec 2, 2021 at 7:21 PM 5 years ago I had a 1959 Super-Amp. I traded it to my local shop. I always regretted it. My friend who worked there instantly scooped it up. Tragically he was killed a year or so later. After several years I ask...
  10. Trapland the stuff still out there?

    42642E48-E401-453D-BD3A-FF5F4CECA4C9 by Trapland posted Dec 2, 2021 at 7:21 PM I’ve played guitar juggler a lot lately but have changed up a few amps. I fell off the roof and hurt my head and broke my back this spring. After being told I couldn’t lift anything over 20 lbs for a year I traded...
  11. Trapland the stuff still out there?

    Some of these guys can tell original vs retouched solder by its taste!
  12. 42642E48-E401-453D-BD3A-FF5F4CECA4C9


    1967 Vibrolux Reverb
  13. A9D19A39-D3F8-4307-9A52-16FEBAD77313


    1959 Super Amp
  14. Trapland the stuff still out there?

    I dig the Pro-Reverb! I wish I knew how great those sounded when I had a younger back. I always played blackfaced Twins because I felt like if I had to haul all that amp around it might as well be the whole enchilada. Truly the Pro-reverbs sound better in my opinion.
  15. Trapland the stuff still out there?

    I don’t think I mocked either. I did speculate on who and how buyers of this caliber of amp get it done. And I did congratulate the buyer. My daily driver is a plexi and I’ve recently been on an amp bender, acquiring a few blackfaced and tweed fenders. We all acquire these things, or pass on...
  16. Trapland

    The Official Marshall Studio Vintage Thread Sv20h

    I have both. In the sv20 I’d use the Syl 6ca7. Although be warned I feel like they have less crunch when cranked than any of the true el34s. But the EQ with the 6ca7 works well with this already excessively bright amp. Get both.
  17. Trapland

    The Official Marshall Studio Vintage Thread Sv20h

    Just a note…..I nodded mine to a Superbass (67/68 plexi specs) the week I got it home in 2019. Maybe even the day of < I don’t remember. I have zero regrets and it makes it sound like 94% of the tone my vintage 1968 plexi. One other note. I rolled tubes for a year. I finally ended up using...
  18. Trapland

    Torotor switch reason?

    I remember that was a problem but I don’t remember the details. I should make sure my 68 is safe. What is the wrong way vs the modern correct way? Are the wire colors consistent?
  19. Trapland

    Torotor switch reason?

    Alas, I’m already on the second pair of terminals. The VS ones look pretty good, I hope they are close enough to replace both and MAYBE sell the originals. One works well and the other works when *I* flip it but others have trouble.

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