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  1. iron broadsword

    Marshall Class 5 Low Power Mode Clarification

    IIRC it only takes the addition of a single wire to make low power mode affect the speaker output jack as well. Search the forums here, i'm sure i read it it somewhere
  2. iron broadsword

    Tele + Class5 essentials pedals for blues/rock

    ^This. Wah boost delay, call it a day. Any boost or overdrive you run you'll def want to keep the pedal drive low or off and the volume up. Running it this way a tubescreamer sounds real nice, as well as an OCD. The TS gives me some really juicy tones and the OCD brings a lot of modern rock...
  3. iron broadsword

    4100 diode clipping. When?

    Clipping diodes are always on, in fact the first preamp tube has handcuffs on it so that it cannot clip. If you want to swap a few resitors/caps you can turn it into a beast though, check out this thread:
  4. iron broadsword

    JCM 900 legacy in marshall? vs 800, 2000, DSL, JVM, etc?

    Iirc it was the SL-X that had no clipping diodes and was basically an 800 Idk what oasis runs for amps but I seem to remember a lot of fuzz pedals from their tracks. Either way, even with the 4100 clipping if you set the amp to full volume and use the preamp gain as your volume knob then you're...
  5. iron broadsword

    DSL 20 into audio interface

    If you run a cable from a speaker out into anything other than a speaker, you're probably going to blow up the amp and whatever you're sending it into. Never run an amp without a proper speaker load, or risk losing the amp and other gear As far as i understand the emu out works in standby mode...
  6. iron broadsword

    RIP Dusty Hill...

    I'd worry less about correcting a small honest mistake and instead focus on why i feel the need to apologize profusely for something that didn't even matter. I understand you're trying to be respectful but it just comes off as weak, if you act like this IRL then people will lose respect for you...
  7. iron broadsword

    A JCM 900 played the way Jim intended

    Sounded pretty muddy ngl
  8. iron broadsword

    Am I nuts?!?

    IMHO this is just maturing to the point where you know what you want and like, so you have basically conquered the gear slut phase (at least for now, that shit sometimes comes back like a bad case of herpes). But I don't know why you'd want to sell off your other pieces.. eventually you will...
  9. iron broadsword

    Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb - Boss DS-1

    lmao it's easy you just have to run 150ft of guitar cable into the front of the amp and put a bitcrusher in the loop. mega tone
  10. iron broadsword

    Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb - Boss DS-1

    Pretty sure most of those quotes are me and even years later I still feel the same. When recording I run a mesa dual recto for rhythms and use the 900 for all things lead, they pair really well and the marshall sounds like a nice slippery muff after a long day's work. Sustain for days, liquid...
  11. iron broadsword

    New DSL40CR or preloved 1992 JCM900 combo?

    modified 900 DR all day long over the dsl imho. Check my post history for mods and clips, easy to do and all tube conversion
  12. iron broadsword

    Jcm 900 effects loop boost issue!

    Sounds like a bad tube. Replace the middle preamp tube, V2, it’s responsible for reverb and loop recovery
  13. iron broadsword

    Class 5 vs SC20 vs DSL20 heads opinions?

    This guy is bringing his entire collection with him to gigs lol
  14. iron broadsword

    Disapponted with Marshall MG30GFX

    You wanted marshall tone out of a SS amp, sorry it's just not gonna happen. Looks like your ears are telling you it's time for a tube amp
  15. iron broadsword

    Best solution to add an FX loop without drilling

    The Weber Mass comes with a footswitch so you can use that as well, and it's cheaper than the cat. I've had a mass 200 for years now and sounds great, and it also has a line out with volume control so you could run that into whatever pedals you wanted in the loop and then send it to something...
  16. iron broadsword

    Is the AVT100s clean channel based on another Marshall?

    Well here's the schems: Lots and lots of ICs in that preamp and some diode clipping as well, but the reason the clean channel sounds so different is because it gets its gain from the preamp tube in it and not...
  17. iron broadsword

    Marshall avt 150 stack? with jcm 800 cabs. ohms??

    Just wanted to comment that my old AVT150h sounded balls through the avt cab, but when i put it through a proper 1960a it sounded really great. I'll probably pick up another one some day just because recording at bedroom volume sounded really sweet for leads
  18. iron broadsword

    Modding my 900! (All tube, with clips)

    I reuploaded the clip here. Recorded at bedroom volume (can hear pick on strings) and added a bit of delay on the lead, else it's totally raw. This clip was also done with this amp but has some EQ and compression in post. No bass guitar here, just el34 thump
  19. iron broadsword

    Burnt resistor, having trouble finding the value to replace it with

    Nope, i was a dummy and one of the fuses were blown. Looked ok but when I metered it it was open. So, replaced that and biased it up and sounds great, but the inner pair is reading out at 28ma when the outer pair is set at 36ma. This is a new issue, i've never ran into a discrepancy like this...
  20. iron broadsword

    Burnt resistor, having trouble finding the value to replace it with

    Hey, so i replaced the resistor but now I get no reading on the center tube pair when biasing them. They're nearly cold to the touch so i'm guessing it's a bias supply issue. Where should I start looking for this? All fuses are good btw

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