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  1. jcm800gridlock

    Think I'm going to give in....

    I bought both a Little Black Box and a cheap Bugera Attenuator to use with my SV20H. I preferred the tone from the Little Black Box over the Bugera.
  2. jcm800gridlock

    1977 Celestion Blackback Speakers

    My two Blackbacks are going into a Marshall Bluesbreaker combo cab for my Astoria Classic chassis.
  3. jcm800gridlock

    Friedman JJ 100w, Cab and 2 Les Pauls..unexpected buy !

    A great haul, you out-did my haul a couple of weeks ago of two Les Pauls and a Marshall C5H in one day. Nice job. Congratulations!
  4. jcm800gridlock

    New Les Paul Day (2x and both with Ebony Boards)

    Thanks guys, the Custom is definitely a holy grail guitar for me. I’ll try to hold on to this one.
  5. jcm800gridlock

    New Les Paul Day (2x and both with Ebony Boards)

    Added some Gibson Nickel Pickup Covers and a Les Paul Custom Pickguard, a fresh set of .010’s a restrung the way I like. I like the look. A great playing guitar. Probably the best Studio LP that I’ve owned because I favor the ‘50’s neck on this guitar. Similar to the necks on all of my current...
  6. jcm800gridlock

    Your Top 5 Amp Brands?

    All amp bands that I’ve owned and have some experience. 1. Marshall 2. Fender 3. Mesa Boogie 4. Orange 5. (Undecided)
  7. jcm800gridlock

    whats the last guitar

    My 2002 Coppertop Les Paul Studio.
  8. jcm800gridlock

    Celestion fullback for SRV tone?

    I’m running CTS AlNico’s in my ‘68 Super Reverb and using an elMo OD pedal and a Stratocaster tuned a 1/2 step down and I think that I’m getting pretty good SRV tones. For new and fairly inexpensive speaker for SRV tone, try an Alessandro GASC-64 speaker. I had the 12” GASC-64 in a vintage BF...
  9. jcm800gridlock

    New Les Paul Day (2x and both with Ebony Boards)

    A couple of photos.
  10. jcm800gridlock

    fav amp you own

    it would be a tough decision between my ‘67 Vibrolux Reverb and my ‘68 Super Reverb. Both amps are black-line (BF circuit) and are drip-edge amps. Both amps are roughly 35 watts and 6L6 powered. The Super gets more play-time, so it may have a slight edge.
  11. jcm800gridlock

    New (just out of the box) C5H

    I owned a Marshall 1974x at the time and didn’t think that needed two EL84 amps.
  12. jcm800gridlock

    New Les Paul Day (2x and both with Ebony Boards)

    Me to, I had a 2001 ‘57 RI Custom that was heavily used and abused. This one appears to have rarely made it out of the case. Basically a mint condition guitar. The Coppertop Studio still intrigues me though, apparently it’s kind of rare, a cool color, a big comfortable 50’s neck, non-weight...
  13. jcm800gridlock

    New Les Paul Day (2x and both with Ebony Boards)

    A near mint 1997 Gibson Les Paul Custom Historic ‘57 Reissue and a 2002 Gibson Les Paul Studio Coppertop. Store photos and the Studio did come with a HSC.
  14. jcm800gridlock

    New (just out of the box) C5H

    Not home yet.
  15. jcm800gridlock

    New (just out of the box) C5H

    Just picked up this Class-5H and a couple of Les Pauls today. This is basically a new and never played C-5H. I had a 2012 Class-5 Combo that I sold 5 years ago. Thought this would be worth another try. I have a 1x12 cab with a Greenback that will be my initial test. Store photo.
  16. jcm800gridlock

    Any love for the old JCM2000 DSL 401 combo?

    I had one and I liked it, especially at lower volumes. I do recall that the stock speaker was its weakness at higher volumes.
  17. jcm800gridlock

    How many Marshall amps does it take...

    I currently have an Marshall Astoria Classic and an Origin 50. Both amps are more old school Marshall’s in tone. The Astoria is running KT66’s and the Origin EL34’s. I’d love to also own a JMP or 1987x or JTM30 RI or a vintage 50 watt Marshall to complete my collection. I’ve come to realize...
  18. jcm800gridlock

    Your Favorite Guitar.

    I own 7 guitars and I don’t think that I could pick my absolute favorite. All are different and all have their own tones and feel. I’m finally happy with all my guitars. Probably my two nicest (most expensive) guitars are two my Gibson Custom Shop guitars, a R7 and a R8.
  19. jcm800gridlock

    New Amp Day (NAD) - Origin 20H

    Congratulations. Love my Origin 50. Great amps. Enjoy.
  20. jcm800gridlock

    How's this for some early Plexi action?

    Never heard of the band but I much enjoyed watching the entire video. Thanks for sharing.

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