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  1. Metroman

    Are your Nuts Compensated?

    Yes. Ive used te Earvana nuts since the 90s. Makes it better exspecially playing with keyboards.
  2. Metroman

    Ellen Alaverdyan

    Her dad is also friends with Victor Wooten.
  3. Metroman

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    Guitar tubes arent the only tubes WE are going to be producing. Coming out this year will be the 6SN7. They sent out preproduction tubes to some people last August for testing, and ststed if the results are positive, they will mass produce the tube sometime in 2022. The results were were...
  4. Metroman

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    I dont know how to make tubes either. Western Electric has said that some of the manufacturing prosesses wil use Robotics, Computers, and Lasers. They didnt have those processes decades ago, and I also agree this should make the tubes more consistent, with less rejects. It also may keep costs...
  5. Metroman

    What pedal to get?

    88-91 Marshall The Guv'nor. If Marrshall are going to make an exact copy of that pedal, effects Loop included, get a new one. Also forget battery access. The Guv'nor has the worst battery access ever. I use mine with e LTD ED Matropoulos JTM45 clone/Head Version. Non Tremolo. I use my pedal...
  6. Metroman

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    With a process that’s over a century old, have there been any significant advances that have made tube manufacturing easier? “Our line operators are working safer and smarter than ever before. There’s a long list of things we’ve been able to modernise across our current 300B operation. Robotics...
  7. Metroman

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    Western Electric announced today they will manufacture tubes in the USA. Ill be first in line. If theyre as good as NOS, they may very well replace NOS, and at a cheaper price. Theyve also said they dont plan on jacking up the price, but did state they will be more expensive than current...
  8. Metroman

    Amps we dont talk about in public.

    1970 320w Sunn Coliseum Lead with 8 JBL D120s speakers. I got it in 1974. Talk about heavy?? And loud. I only use it at home because its to heavy to move. Best solid State amp ever built in my opinion. Clapton, Jeff Beck, Santana, John Mclaughlin, and a few more have all used this amp. Clapton...
  9. Metroman

    Western Electric considering adding more tubes to their current USA production

    Those 300B have always been expensive. They also rate those 300B for 40,000 hours, or 5 years warranty. Whichever comes first. I use NOS Mullard 10M Master Series Gold Pins in my 2013 LTD ED Metropoulos JTM45 clone/Head, and when they were new they had a 2 years, or 10,000 hour Warranty from...
  10. Metroman

    Western Electric Wants to Expand Their Tube Manufacturing in U.S.

    Filled it out here, and a few other forums. I also started a thread at Strat Talk. Im all for it.
  11. Metroman

    Brown Box....Bias Concern

    I use a Furman SRR 20i to regulate the voltage at 120v, and then I use a BrownBox to lower the voltage to 110v-112v. SPR 20i regulates the voltage to +-1% variation. Its expensive though. My wall voltage is regularly 127-129v, and I was burning up 50s coated glass NOS Maroni Osram KT66s. 8 of...
  12. Metroman

    Best string gauge for a les paul in your opinion when in standard tuning?

    10-38 on both Les Paul, and Strat. Good enough for Duane Allman, and Hendrix. I particularly like the .015 third sting
  13. Metroman

    What is THE Marshall?

    JTM45/100 #7026 was Hendrix favorite amplifier, and he used all the various Marshalls up until 1970. He retired #7026 from touring in 68 because he didnt want it to get damaged, or stolen. His USA touring amps were also fitted with 6550s, and other mods. West Coast Organ and Amps did the mods...
  14. Metroman

    Best Celestion G12H 25 copy

  15. Metroman

    George @ Metropoulos MIA?

    Probably should message him on FB.
  16. Metroman

    JTM 45 ‘65 familiar to anyone?

    George did a pretty accurate job of building my JTM45 repro. Mine also has all NOS glass
  17. Metroman

    What is a good 70s movie?

    Woodstock Wild Angels Psych Out The Trip Easy Rider Midnight Cowboy Cool Hand Luke Army of Shadows Man for All Seasons In Cold Blood Lion in Winter Oliver Fahrenheiht 451 Where Eagles Dare Bullitt Dirty Dozen Once Upon a Time in the West
  18. Metroman

    What is a good 70s movie?

    He also said late 60s
  19. Metroman

    What is a good 70s movie?

    The Graduate Bonnie and Clyde Manchurian Candidate Taxi Driver Network Dr Strangelove Monty Python and the Holy Grail Straw Dogs Bound for Glory Lord of the Flies Patton Mash Dog Day Afternoon
  20. Metroman

    Hendrix on Bass

    On the inside cover of Electric Ladyland Album, it shows Jimi playing both Drums, and Keyboards. Jimi also gets credit for playing Harpsichord, Violin, and Soprano Flute on Electric Ladyland. At the end of If 6 was 9, thats Jimi playing flute. Some speculate it may have been a Soprano Recorder...

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