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  1. Ken Underwood

    Blackstar St. James amps

    So what do you look for when selecting a good SMPS?
  2. Ken Underwood

    Blackstar St. James amps

    No not any design, just the ones poorly designed, of which there are many
  3. Ken Underwood

    Blackstar St. James amps

    One thing to remember is when you are talking about Amps then give SMPS a wide birth as they can if not designed properly give every one a big head ache, in more ways than one.
  4. Ken Underwood

    2 16ohm cabinets is how many ohms?

    We have to assume that the Y connector connects cables in parallel, never know one to connect in series, but as long as in this case the cable is connected to an 8Ohm output on the amp then all will be fine
  5. Ken Underwood

    2 16ohm cabinets is how many ohms?

    Read up on Ohms law that way you will find the answer, but in this case i will tell you what you need to know and that two 16Ohm speakers in parallel will give you 8Ohms
  6. Ken Underwood

    Questions about tube biasing

    Engineer, electronic maybe but others maybe not, a competent electronic engineer would not ask questions like that Using the word "Engineer" sounds impressive but without saying what type is not.
  7. Ken Underwood

    Questions about tube biasing

    But you are an engineer!
  8. Ken Underwood

    wiring question - 1935B cab

    So nice to see the old fashioned, simple, tests still being used, well done that man lol
  9. Ken Underwood

    wiring question - 1935B cab

    Until you do then you will never be sure, its plain to see that it has been rewired in the past, not very well i might add, so do your self a favour and get it correct, also get the speaker positions right too, it might sound ok to you but thats only your opinion, others may differ. Your call.
  10. Ken Underwood

    wiring question - 1935B cab

    Don't hesitate, just rewire the complete cabinet, then you will know that all is well, this being the only way to be sure.
  11. Ken Underwood

    wiring question - 1935B cab

    If one speaker is the wrong way round then it will be out of phase to the other three, think about that
  12. Ken Underwood

    Barbara Craven

    Barbara has just sent me this, as she was interviewed on CBS news today regarding Dudley`s involvement with the birth of Marshall amps She admits to being a bit vague about certain point ie prototypes, there was only one, same one different circuits being tried, how could we have several...
  13. Ken Underwood

    Safety cleaning pots?

    If you are going to do it at all then do it properly, don't use short cuts
  14. Ken Underwood

    Bluesbreaker is a Tube blower Help!!!

    What sort of shop?, if it is a recognised repair Tech then he will be able to sort it and should not rely you asking questions on for you to get answers for
  15. Ken Underwood

    Can a blown screen grid resistor cause this?

    I doubt it very much, so many on here take on repairs that they have no clue on what to do and expect others that do know to tell them what needs to be done. Once they have done that then they get tempted to do other repairs until something goes very wrong Leave to those who know
  16. Ken Underwood

    1995 Marshall ValveState 8100U Amp - 60hz hum.

    This is a very simple one, you have said that you have turned down everything and it is still there, you have taken out the pre amp tubes, still there, so its coming from the output stage, so as others have said it must be generated from the power supply which means AC filter capacitors, just...
  17. Ken Underwood

    Marshall has a new amp.

  18. Ken Underwood

    Historic content on official Marshall website s#cks!

    But i am still here and can pass on the history as all who still work for Marshall were not even born back then All the history over the years has been inaccurate, and they are ignorant of the true facts when i try to educate them. RIP Dudley Craven
  19. Ken Underwood

    First Marshalls in America

    I have said this so many times and i will once again state that Jim's shop opened in 1962, just selling musical instruments and drum lessons upstirs. It was not until early March 1963 that Ken Bran mentioned to both Dudley and i about a conversation Jim overheard in his shop about how the amp...

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