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    I did the silly driveway photo thing again

    Nice Family.
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    This is amazing! Watch 77 (!) Randy Rhoads Style Guitars in only one Song (Playthrough)!

    I bet changing string day is a bitch and expensive, That was fun. To bad he could not play some real music on them.
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    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - AWESOME TONES !

    Really bashing China. If it wasn't for our sick goverment most companies would not have left to go their or other places. Almost all guitars and amps are made over sea's' Korea ' Vietnam - Marshalls are made their 'speakers made in China' Indo China makes tons of Good guitars. Mexico '...
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    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - AWESOME TONES !

    Your rightt Scooter' I seen many great Guitarist use Epi's. The Beatles did pretty good with them.
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    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - AWESOME TONES !

    Only problem is its hard to get a new one. Sweetwater show 83 epis' but only 7 in stock. They have 63 Gibsons in stock. But their so overpriced is absurd,
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    Visited Sweetwater- Indiana Trip post 1

    Cool pics and story. I live in Southern IN ' But have never been their. I bought my new Charvel from them and it roicks. They are great to deal with. I hear it is a huge place a campus really. More pics please. Thanks
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    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - AWESOME TONES !

    Sounds great. Niice licks. I love EPI.
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    Eric Clapton and Marshall

    Who is Eric talking to. Thanks
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    Eric Clapton and Marshall

    All I know is he was the first guy to use a Marshall and LP on a album ' The rest is history.
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    (2022) New Marshall Rumors:

    Who cares if Marshall makes new amps' Their are tons of used Marshall out their' My local area just using FB marketplace I see more Marshalls for sale than I would ever need. Most at fair prices. Boats loads of Gibsons 'Fender Guitars and to many amps to name. I see no problem.
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    The most ludicrous amp I ever worked on. 435 watt Fender!

    I saw 2 old pics of the 400ps on stage. Barry Oakly of the AB had one for a while 'also I saw a old pic of Ike and Tina Turner show and their Bass player had one. Another even more rare amp was the Sunn Orion with the stripe cabs' their first SS amp 'but they put the power amp in the speaker cab...
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    Multiple Amps on Stage- how?

    Well back in the old days late 60' early 70;s bands did use more amps on stage ' mainly because PA's then were small compared to today. Hendrix ' Alvin Lee' and others had huge stage volume. Mostly Marshalls daisy chained. I missed those days.
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    Just fell off my chair!

    Wow that is one ugly amp. I would not give over $5000
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    ACDC Tone: Marshall DSL40 or Origin 20?

    Yes get the DSL' It does a good job on most rock. Plus ACDC early sound was cleaner than the later albums so have fun
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    ACDC Tone: Marshall DSL40 or Origin 20?

    I have seen a thousand local bands do ACDC' Most of them had nothing close to what ACDC used. But at a local bar no one gives a shit. Most were average at best but the crowd still had fun and liked it. So unless your playing in a top level touring ACDC Tribute band I would not worry to...
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    I honestly cannot decide which amp is better!

    Are you playing Born to be Wild wrong on purpose. Just asking.
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    Guitar Center Running Out Of Stock?

    Sweetwater rep told me that everyone is having problems. Gibson guitars are in short supply as others' all due to the virus. He said they start getting more stuff in March
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    Lots of guitars or not?

    I am a sucker for a pretty guitar. But I keep my collection down to around 5. I play mostly rock. I keep one axe in drop D' 2 in standard . And one in D. Also have a 12 string and 6 strings acoustic. Its a pain in the ass to keep new strings on some of them. My 12 string has 7 year old strings...
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    Marshall Code 50 Amp? Are simulations accurate?

    I love my 50v code. Its sound good. I also own many real Marshall over the years. I run my 50code though a 1960 cab' the stock speaker is not all that great. But though better speaker it get some nice sounds and decent effects. For the money a great deal. I also use a 100 dsl head though a...

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