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  1. Tatzmann

    Modding A Lead 100 Mosfet? Help Wanted

    Its full tube now fizz!:lol:
  2. Tatzmann

    Listen to this Plexi pedal

  3. Tatzmann

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Looks like Dio wants to buy a 20sack.:p
  4. Tatzmann

    Modding A Lead 100 Mosfet? Help Wanted

    Some guy changed the ICs to other electronically compatible ones, everything else is probably stock. I had one that had a replacement ic in the cleanchannel and it sounded like crap, changed it back to M1458. Those in your amp are BurrBrowns, the transistor corksnuffers will approve your amp...
  5. Tatzmann

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Tough decision, if Ozzy wasnt on drugs all the time id say he would defeat Dio simply because he would fight dirty. Groin stuff, throwing sand in Dio's eyes, maybe he would even try to bite Dio's head off. How bout a tagteammatch between Ronnie/Vinnie Appice vs. Ozzy/Bill Ward?
  6. Tatzmann

    who the hell was this desperate?

    Ozzys wife will get a hold of the offspring and try to raise another source of income. The poor bastard didnt realize what happens to the seedprovider after the dirty deed is done. He is meat, dead meat.
  7. Tatzmann

    Marshall 5210 solid state what to look for? NAD

    Brown was black before it faded like dude said, i would never change this back to black, but some dudes would... Otherwise look into your wallet, if there is more than 150Whatevers missing you overpaid. These amps have nothing in common with JCM800 amps like fizz said. But they are usable.
  8. Tatzmann

    Can anyone eyeball this for a nube?

    On these amps the heaters on the el34 are fused separately, since you have the 50 watt its normal that fuses are missing, they use the same board on 50s and 100s. 2nd i cannot detect any bias-mod on the pictures. 3rd dont worry about little crooked capacitors, its a mass produced amp. Dont try...
  9. Tatzmann


    I did a simple switchable cap mod on my 1988 2205. Its 95% sounding and feeling like my 2203 now. Found the mod somewhere on here. This amp doesnt really need mods, it needs to be run loud to sound good. I didnt like it stock for ACDC, but for 80s Metal it was damn good stock, crank the bass...
  10. Tatzmann

    Laney GH50L rebuilt/mod

    GH amps were a major drawback to the previous AOR Amps. The non boost Pro-Tubes were standard Marshalls and therefore the best of the bunch. The original GH sounds kinda crappy at low volumes, the Master needs to be atleast at 4 for the frequencies to even out. But many amps behave like that...
  11. Tatzmann

    6100 vs sv20

    Youre halfway there. Selling 6100. Yes. Good riddance. Buying SV20. No. So, you want to play Hendrix and AC/DC. Either use the 2203, which is perfect for this or... wait for it... JTM45. This is youre final decision.
  12. Tatzmann

    tubes tied ?

    For the 900 you only need transistas man! Git!
  13. Tatzmann

    What audio setup are you using for home jamming?

    I use a normal amp-head and speakercab wherever i play, jam room or whatever.:scratch: Got a stereo or record player at those places. I dont own any supposed amps with aux or mp3 inputs or similar signs of shit.
  14. Tatzmann

    Retolexing from MDF

    Dont strip off the tolex, strip off the speaker and dispose off the rest in a fire. Then proceed buying something worthy.
  15. Tatzmann

    C standard tuning - preferred string gauge?

    All strings broken i'd prefer at Cstd.
  16. Tatzmann

    What did they do differently back then?

    Mystics said the same nonsense in endless books. Some ate only stuff which was prepared by cooks who only had pleasing thoughts towards them. What computing device would work in such crappy ways?
  17. Tatzmann

    ACDC Tone: Marshall DSL40 or Origin 20?

    The guy who this vid knows a thing or two about malcolms acdc sound, and so do I. Its ofcourse little buzzy sounding and doesnt have the force of the real thing, it was an example. The piece of shit 500$ or whatever Lead12 can not do this sound. And a 900DR can not do the sound either . Amps...
  18. Tatzmann

    What did they do differently back then?

    "Imagining things" its called. On some days all of my stuff sounds like utter garbage. Plug in couple days later with whatever guitar into whatever amp its great again. Its an electromagnetic system.
  19. Tatzmann

    Back with Marshall... AGAIN

    Welcome. Get the 1987x back. Until then, the SLX will serve you. There are technical concerns with this amp concerning the heater rectifier for the first preamp stages. If concerned consult the workbench.

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