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  1. Eric'45

    Home recording chugging guitars

    That is not true. It's actually one of the features one must be aware of- a Super- or Hypercardioid is less sensitive at Signals from the sides, but there's a spot in the opposite direction where it picks up sound sources. If all that is important for home recording, is another matter. The...
  2. Eric'45

    Home recording chugging guitars

    You have a point here. I mostly work with the Sennheiser E906, which might be a bit more sensitive to sound sources behind the mic, since it's a supercardioid. It also depends on how sound sources are reflected in the Room, but it has definitely happened to me. Remember, the OP wants to play in...
  3. Eric'45

    Guitars We Think Everyone Should Own

    I don't get that either. I'm almost afraid to admit it, but I was one of those people for some Time. My first Guitar was a Strat knockoff, the second was a MIM Tele. I considered myself a Fender Guy, until I discovered how awesome a Les Paul can be. I think it has something to do they are...
  4. Eric'45

    New Les Paul Day (2x and both with Ebony Boards)

    Two really nice Guitars! To the average Member, these are just another two Les Pauls, but I hope they inspire you and you'll enjoy your double NGD!
  5. Eric'45

    I feel loopy

    I use the Ditto "without+", the small one knob- version. Definitely a cool device, and I have used it for many different things. Of course, recording some Riffs and playing Lead on top is one of the many things you can use it for. But I also have recorded Loops and let them play for long Hours...
  6. Eric'45

    Home recording chugging guitars

    The problem I see here, is that most Mics need a bit of loudness. When I record at Home, I use a Mic in front of a Cab, that's driven by a Tube Amp most of the Time. There's no doubt it's the best- sounding approach. BUT, I live in a House, and have a dedicated Music Room. When you turn down...
  7. Eric'45

    Guitars We Think Everyone Should Own

    I agree, a semihollow, or at least something with vintage PAF- style Humbuckers is a must- have. I think he still has some Teles around- another one of the obvious choices. When I think of non- standard Guitars, these are hard to beat, and they don't get the recognition they deserve...
  8. Eric'45

    The Backup - IE: the one you kick around the house or for jams.

    Maybe you can get one of the smaller DSLs used? If you don't like modeling enough, are you shure an analog SS Amp will be right for you? Because I consider any modeling Amp better than anything solid state. And the Katana- is one of the best of them. Many steps above any Solid State thing.
  9. Eric'45

    Well, I made the trade

    I'd get a black pickguard for it, Or white Pickup covers. What is it you don't like about it? (Ok, it's a Strat, but that's to expect)
  10. Eric'45

    Help Me fix my tone!

    Nevermind, there's already a Thread from the same Member, from November 2020 about the exact same topic. all he said was "the fizzzzzzz", without ever reacting to the many suggestions and helpful posts. I have a feeling we're wasting our time here... What I realized now: this thread is also...
  11. Eric'45

    Relic'd Guitars are for Posers

    In some cases, when it's done right, and more subtle, it can be really cool. Like a Goldtop, that looks almost better with a checked finish than without one. I really don't mind wear and tear on my own guitars, that's why I don't over- protect them. I don't age them on purpose, but Dings at the...
  12. Eric'45

    What are your current maplifier settings?

    I think the reality on my side of the pond doesn't look much different. 😏 But before we slip into political discussions, back to our favourite items that distract ourselves from the sometimes unpleasant real world: The maplification devices. Today I felt like jamming a bit with Bias FX, so I...
  13. Eric'45

    Good quality mic stands at a low price?

    I'm not shure about availability in your part of the world, but it shouldn't be a problem, since it's a big company and one of the leading brands for stands and such. Thomann Brand site
  14. Eric'45

    More Friedman Zep clips

    THat's a beautiful guitar! And I've said it before, you rock! :applause:
  15. Eric'45

    What are your current maplifier settings?

    The Americans again... 🙄 In Germany, we learn about stuff like this in elementary school.
  16. Eric'45

    Good quality mic stands at a low price?

    To be honest, mic stands belong to the items where I won't ever compromise. Cheap everything can still be great, but not Mic stands. I'd hang my Guitar on the shittiest Vinyl Strap, and run the thinnest Cable I could find, through my plastic Behringer Pedal, into a cheap modeling Amp. But I...
  17. Eric'45

    Can guitar amp & speaker handle a bass?

    I'm no expert, but I'm quite certain that it can't damage the Amp itself in any way. You'd have to be careful with the speakers, though. Just look at the earliest Marshall Amps: There were Lead, Bass and PA versions available, and they didn't differ drastically. THE CABS DIFFERED! When I play...
  18. Eric'45

    What are your current maplifier settings?

    I see, you also like the Red Channel, but with the Gain set fairly low. I always found the Green Channel too deep and Compressed, especially when some kind of Boost comes into play. Red Channel just sounds better, even if you don't use all the Gain. So I was not alone with that opinion.
  19. Eric'45

    I desecrated my Telecaster... and I love it!

    Fender Scale and Maple Neck feels different than a Les Paul. Having a Humbucker Guitar with Fender Scale is nice to have sometimes. Also, modding Guitars is fun.
  20. Eric'45

    New pick up's.

    No Problem. I was just listening to Lindy Fralin Humbucker Demos again and found them to be really similar to my personal favourites. Maybe they go into my next Fuitar.

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