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    JVM410HJS and midi control via Boss GT1000

    Hey guys just purchased a Gt1000 to use in the 4cbl method with my HJS. The problem I am having is the the is not saving midi info and keeps reverting back to default amp channel and settings. Wondering if anyone has these two units and has experienced the same issue?
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    Marshall JVM410 HJS - please reissue!!

    It can be in the form of a 20 watt Studio version or full size. Make the bottom end tighter though please! Cheers!
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    Jmp-1modded by Tommy Folkesson

    Hello Marshall..please update and bring this preamp back! Just so convenient and better than a modeler any day! Tried posting a wave file but unfortunately too large. Not sure how to fix that. Cheers
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    JMP-1 MK-II with IR?

    Hello Marshall tone powers to be. Please update the JMP-1 any time now. Get voltage of the tubes up a little higher, seemless switching, maybe 10 slots for ir's, same form factor as the old one only better. Please! You know it was your highest selling longest running product of all time. It's time.
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    Marshall Programmable Tube Amp?

    Hello Marshall! Please make a programmable tube amp like the Hughes and Kettner Coreblade.
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    Question For Santiago

    Hello Santiago. Congratts on the new YJM 100. If I could ask this question: What is the 4th 12AX7 being used for in this amp? Thanks, Peter
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    More YJM 100 questions

    Hello Santiago. I have read that there are 4-12AX7's in the YJM. Are the halves of that 4th one being used for the Boost and/or effects loop send and return? Thanks. Pete
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    YJM 100 Questions

    Question maybe for Santiago?? What year superlead does the tone stack in the preamp section most resemble? How does the digital reverb still stay clear if the attenuater is diming the power section? Or is the attenuater more like a Master volume?

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