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  1. SlyStrat

    Studio Vintage: bright cap vs no cap tone test:

    Recently bought a second SV from a friend. The amp has no bright cap. I did the best I could to make the no cap amp sound like the stock amp. My Weehbo drives add some bass. I hate bassy tone when I'm on the neck pickup so the bass is off on both amps. I had to use only the high volume 1...
  2. SlyStrat

    Is one amp enough?

    I have one amp, a Studio Vintage head. Its my favorite amp and I dont care about buying a different model. A friend is willing to sell me his SV for a great price. Do I really need it? It would just be a backup if mine went down.
  3. SlyStrat


    Lovepedal Purple Plexi with boost. Boost has seperate volume control. Its new. I think it came with the small chip shown in photo. $140 shipped and PP.
  4. SlyStrat

    Marshall Origin 20 is an excellent amp.

    I just got the combo. Its a backup to my Studio Vintage. I like it for a low volume practice amp (I pull the gain knob) and for club jam nights. With my Weehbo JCM Drive it turns into a PLEXI/JCM800. Master volume cranked with gain at 5-6. It sounds as good as my SV. The 10" speaker is darker...
  5. SlyStrat


    Classic Amplification Classic Vibe CV-2 uni-vibe pedal. Excellent condition and no problems at all. No box. It doesn't color your tone as much as others. No drop in volume when used. $200 shipped and PP. Info:
  6. SlyStrat

    WTB: Marshall 1912 cabinet

    PM with price and pics.
  7. SlyStrat

    EH or Mullard Reissue EL34s?

    For Marshall amp.
  8. SlyStrat


    Fulltone Robin Trower Overdrive. Excellent condition. Plenty of sustain and great tone. Pretty transparent. Not just for Strat's. Priced to sell. $129 shipped and PP.
  9. SlyStrat

    My simple pedalboard:

    I don't use both uni-vibes together.
  10. SlyStrat


    Mint condition Dunlop Cantrell wah. Still has plastic on bottom. The stock wah is not true bypass. R.Weaver FX did a true bypass mod. He makes the Violet Vibe and other pedals. I needed a more tweakable wah and bought an Xotic XW-1. This Cantrell wah was barely used. $150 shipped and PP.
  11. SlyStrat

    Weehbo SOLD

  12. SlyStrat

    What year for Marshall 5005 Lead 12?

    Does it matter for tone? What years were they made? I want one for SS practice amp.
  13. SlyStrat

    Marshall MG15GFX for practice amp?

    They have decent tone or is there better for under $200?
  14. SlyStrat

    WTB: Dunlop JDF2 Germanium Fuzz Face

    Found one.
  15. SlyStrat

    FS: Marshall Studio Vintage combo

  16. SlyStrat

    What tubes in your Studio Vintage?

    Still have the stock tubes in mine. What tubes do you prefer and how do they compare to stock tubes?
  17. SlyStrat

    My Studio Vintage just got better

    with bright cap removed. I have loved the SV since they came out. My friend and I removed the bright caps on our SV's and the tone is way better. No hiss on High Treble channel. Notes are fuller and more 3D sounding. I can now use my Treble, Midrange, and Presence controls. Its an easy mod...
  18. SlyStrat

    Studio Classic with pedals? (uni-vibe, etc.)

    I have a SV. How is the Classic with various pedals? Especially uni-vibe and fuzz. Is there enough gain, distortion and sustain without an OD pedal? I go for early Trower tone.
  19. SlyStrat

    Mullard RI EL34's in a Studio Vintage?

    I read somewhere that these tubes give fatter single note tone. True? What about distortion and sustain? Thanks.
  20. SlyStrat

    Have a Studio Vintage- buy another SV or Classic?

    I've never been happier with my tone using a Studio Vintage. I have the SV combo and SV 1x12 cabinet. (my avatar pic shows the head I swapped for combo). I want a second Studio for backup. Was set on buying the SV head but thinking of buying the Classic instead. My tone is early Robin Trower...

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