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  1. waltschwarzkopf

    My amp's a hummer! How do I get rid of it?

    Thanks for the video! Mine sounds nothing like that, much lower volume and lower frequency. Since I have a couple of spare 12AX7, I will swap them just to give them a try. Alright! I mean, I can live with it, after a while you don't notice as your ear gets used to it, and for sure is not an...
  2. waltschwarzkopf

    My amp's a hummer! How do I get rid of it?

    Hi Pete, I believe it's humming. But how would you describe the difference between hum and buzz? It has always hummed as far as I can remember. No standby switch, only power. You turn it on and no humming for a few seconds until the valves and warm and them hums a bit continuously. The amp...
  3. waltschwarzkopf

    My amp's a hummer! How do I get rid of it?

    Hello, World! I've noticed that my amp (head) hums, not to a level that is unplayable or annoying, but I would like to get rid of it (if possible). If the amp has nothing connected it hums a bit, with the guitar connected hums the same even if the volume (guitar) is turned down. If I turned up...
  4. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    Good idea! I will try this with a BOSS looper on and off to see the effects. Also with an ABY box to compare true-bypass vs buffered.
  5. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    Exactly! I feel like I am losing some signal right at the input, and therefore decreasing my gain and volume. So if I were to replace the grid-to-ground resistor with a 1M, it would be like having hte guitar volume on 9.6, which is not that bad. But if I move the 68k resistor after the...
  6. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    Now I want to change the grid block, as I think that is not optimal. The first two resistors (68k & 68K) are arranged as a voltage divider, resulting in 50% of the input signal loss! The Epi has a 1M resistor instead, resulting in only 6% loss. I was thinking of replacing the 68K with a 1M and...
  7. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    So, imI had some soare time and I built myself an attenuator like video and also a can for the amp head. Disclaimer: I know the cab looks like shit, but it was the firat I ever build and I got to learn a lot by using the right amd wrong tools. Well, it works as intended and sounds great. Plus...
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  14. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    Wonderful! I just found one online, so I'm gonna order it and build it soon. BTW, I also found this article with a few extra switches which I'm going to skip to the moment. DIY Workshop: How to build your own attenuator | | All Things Guitar
  15. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    I though about this before, but I couldn't find one. With a rheostat are we good to go? I mean, is that like a variable L-Pad. Or do I still need to mount other components like resistors, inductors, and/or capacitors?
  16. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    Alrighty then! I'm gonna build it, although I may use some lower wattage components are my amps are rarely over 25W
  17. waltschwarzkopf

    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    Why did you use an Pi-pad instead of an L-Pad?
  18. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    What about a simple passive L-Pad? I mean, just with two resistors, one 8Ohm in parallel with the speaker and a 4Ohm in series with the other two, one should be able to reduce the speaker output by 75% (-6dB / 33% volume) while keeping the overall impedance constant at 8Ohm. Would this also...
  19. waltschwarzkopf

    Master volume vs power soak

    Yeah, I might build that one. Although it seems a bit like overkill...
  20. waltschwarzkopf

    Firts build! Some questions and a few ideas in mind

    Hello, World! I have a some questions and a few ideas for my firts build, sort of... I recently bought a Harley Benton GA5 head, which is basically an Epiphone Valve Jr. with an EQ knob. It sounds great, but it could be even better. I had thought about building an amp from scratch and someone...

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