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    Why no arrogant posters in here?

    I’m kind of a big deal around here. I have many leather bound books. My over priced studio basement apartment smells of rich mahogany. Got a poker shack out by a swamp.
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    EVH 4x12

    Anyone rocking these? From my understanding the speakers are relabeled 20 watt greenbacks. Just curious if they sound good. I’d be running Marshall style amps. 2204 and 1987 clones. Just bought a house, thinking I should get myself a house warming gift.
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    Friedman JJ 100w, Cab and 2 Les Pauls..unexpected buy !

    You sir. Are the right type of feller You see something, you go and get it. Killer haul. Congrats
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    Did something different.

    That’s some fuckn poetry right there haha.
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    Did something different.

    I own a peavey 6534 120 watt head. El34 version of the 6505. First thing I did was grab a Les Paul tuned to open g and gave it the what for with some greasy slide guitar. It passed with flying colours. Like to hear you opinion on the iconic for the aggressive blues rock. I know it’ll chug. But...
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    Did something different.

    I’d like to try the combo. Heard a few clips that are promising. Fuckn rip it a new one Solar!!! I know you will.
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    Ceriatone King Kong?

    I’m the guy that has a 2202, 1987 and 2204. All heads. I want a chupa with 6550s. Nik said he’ll do it. But 6 to 8 month wait. Not sure if I’ll be living where I’m living by then. That’s the only reason. Used to be 6 to 8 week build time. And whatever date Nik said it would arrive, it was...
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    Ceriatone King Kong?

    Same here. I own 3 Ceriatones. I don’t look at Marshall’s anymore. I’d have more but covid has everything backed up. Awesome amps.
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    EVH speakers

    Probably been asked before, but an EVH 4x12 came up locally for a good price. Are these speakers really relabeled greenbacks? If so, how are these cabs? 2204, 1987 amp style amps pair well with this cab?
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    KranK Rev Jr Pro 20W

    Haha. Don’t go by those videos. Seriously. It’s a beefed up 2203. Killer amp.
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    KranK Rev Jr Pro 20W

    I own a krank nineteen80. Honestly, smokes my Friedman runt 50
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    Jobs Where , when and why ?

    Janitor at a hospital. Pays more than almost any job I’ve ever had. Mines, saw mills, construction. And I’m never getting laid off.
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    NAD "Ceriatone Chupacabra"

    How’s the fx loop on this amp? Just emailed Nik about a possible order. Does it alter the tone drastically? Thinking 6550s in the power section. Either way. I’m going for it.
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    Amps with tube problems

    Not sure. Again, they’re not in my possession. I figured it’s something going on inside the amp. Pretty old amps. Lots of time on them. A qualified tech would be my suggestion. He just figures it’s bad tubes. Not so sure about that.
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    Amps with tube problems

    Oh. And fuses are being blown as well.