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    Friedman JJ 100w, Cab and 2 Les Pauls..unexpected buy !

    You sir. Are the right type of feller You see something, you go and get it. Killer haul. Congrats
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    Did something different.

    That’s some fuckn poetry right there haha.
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    Did something different.

    I own a peavey 6534 120 watt head. El34 version of the 6505. First thing I did was grab a Les Paul tuned to open g and gave it the what for with some greasy slide guitar. It passed with flying colours. Like to hear you opinion on the iconic for the aggressive blues rock. I know it’ll chug. But...
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    Did something different.

    I’d like to try the combo. Heard a few clips that are promising. Fuckn rip it a new one Solar!!! I know you will.
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    Ceriatone King Kong?

    I’m the guy that has a 2202, 1987 and 2204. All heads. I want a chupa with 6550s. Nik said he’ll do it. But 6 to 8 month wait. Not sure if I’ll be living where I’m living by then. That’s the only reason. Used to be 6 to 8 week build time. And whatever date Nik said it would arrive, it was...
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    Ceriatone King Kong?

    Same here. I own 3 Ceriatones. I don’t look at Marshall’s anymore. I’d have more but covid has everything backed up. Awesome amps.
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    EVH speakers

    Probably been asked before, but an EVH 4x12 came up locally for a good price. Are these speakers really relabeled greenbacks? If so, how are these cabs? 2204, 1987 amp style amps pair well with this cab?
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    KranK Rev Jr Pro 20W

    Haha. Don’t go by those videos. Seriously. It’s a beefed up 2203. Killer amp.
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    KranK Rev Jr Pro 20W

    I own a krank nineteen80. Honestly, smokes my Friedman runt 50
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    Jobs Where , when and why ?

    Janitor at a hospital. Pays more than almost any job I’ve ever had. Mines, saw mills, construction. And I’m never getting laid off.
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    NAD "Ceriatone Chupacabra"

    How’s the fx loop on this amp? Just emailed Nik about a possible order. Does it alter the tone drastically? Thinking 6550s in the power section. Either way. I’m going for it.
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    Amps with tube problems

    Not sure. Again, they’re not in my possession. I figured it’s something going on inside the amp. Pretty old amps. Lots of time on them. A qualified tech would be my suggestion. He just figures it’s bad tubes. Not so sure about that.
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    Amps with tube problems

    Oh. And fuses are being blown as well.
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    Amps with tube problems

    Friend of mine has 2 late 80s Marshall 2205s. Pre amp tubes are constantly popping and going microphonic. Power tubes have gone out a few times as well. He figures it’s because of the quality of modern day production tubes. The amps are noisy. Hissing and popping. I thought it might be due to...
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    What Rock/Rock-Metal Band was the Last one to even Matter?

    Ha!! Airborne and Nashville Pussy are 2 of my favourites. Killer bands

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