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    WTB: Lemco 5k Tan Bright Capacitor

    I take it you're looking for the "bright-cap"? I don't have a 5k Lemco but I do have 4.7k tan ceramic disc Lemco's (I doubt you would hear any difference). I also have a few NOS Erie tan 5k ceramic discs - they look the same as the Lemco's but have Erie printed on them. I don't know if...
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    69 Plexi Gut Shots

    Stu - how do the TFM's compare soundwise to the TFF's in Marshall/Vox amps?
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    RS Turret dimensions?

    That does help - thx! As you mentioned there are many versions and getting the right one isn't easy when you don't have the board material in front of you! That is the exact part I've been eying on Keystone.
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    RS Turret dimensions?

    What are the dimensions of the vintage RS split top turrets used in plexis (hole diameter and board thickness would be helpful)?
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    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    I commend the effort and dedication the company has but at this point their main customer base is rich audiophiles > matched pair 300B - $1500. If they want to market to the music industry they're going to have to find a way to produce quality tubes at an affordable price point or no deal. At...
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    Bad News Tubes: 3/11/2022

    Even in the current situation the Russians are in I highly doubt they will nationalize foreign assets. All economists agree (even Russian) it would definitely be the end of all (western) foreign investments for at least a generation.
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    Creating Brouwn-Sound with Modern Amplifiers

    Do you have a pdf version?
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    Pete Thorn Video on Bright Caps in Marshalls

    Trisha and Pete are no longer a couple. She’s with Clark Fyans nowadays. Yeah - she’s pretty hot……
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    Still looking... (Super Bass)

    As others stated above - don't mess up the amp by adding an MV. It will depreciate the value of it should you wish to sell in the future. If you have the funds get a Fryette Power Station 2, Rivera Rockcrusher or a Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander. If you're on a budget > Two Notes Torpedo Captor X...
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    George @ Metropoulos MIA?

    Can't argue with that!!
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    1972 superlead 100w

    Dagnall never had stamped codes on the endbells - they had small stickers. Dagnall trannies were used all through the late 60's, 70's, 80's and are still used today on the 100W models. Drakes were used on the 50W. A laydown PT in the early 70's isn't particularly unusual.
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    George @ Metropoulos MIA?

    That's exactly what I've done. Hopefully Heyboer is able to provide the Metro-spec trannies with George's permission. This is why I have tried to get in touch with George - to ask if Heyboer can do this. He never did get back to me.....
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    George @ Metropoulos MIA?

    Are we talking you're own spec Marshall type transformers or the Metro-spec tranformers? Are the Metro-spec trannies available (from Heyboer) to the general public or are they Metropoulos exclusive?
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    George @ Metropoulos MIA?

    I was referring to "potential customers" in a general sense. And yes - I am a past customer of George. If I'm a future potential customer and I was looking to purchase a product from a new business I would first make an inquiry for information, technical questions, warranty etc before...
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    1972 superlead 100w

    I agree - both trannies look like the original Dagnall iron as far as I can tell. They both have glue residue left from the stickers.

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