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    Marshall 30th Anniversary Series thread (6100 / 6101)

    What tubes would be good for a 6100LM? 5881s or 6L6? Brands? Best preamp tubes Thanks...
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    Questions concerning a 1981 JCM800 2204 with 6550 power tubes

    Can I substitute KT88s for the stock 6550s in this amp? If so, any brand suggestions? Any experience with PS Vane? Also, what brand of preamp tubes
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    Your Marshall wish list

    3. 6100 I got one a few weeks ago and I love it. Superior tones compared to the overly compressed (IMO) JVM410HJS 2. JCM800 I scored a 1981 2204 and I couldn't be happier 1. JMP 2203 A friend of mine has a 1978 JMP 2203 and, IMO, this is the greatest rock &...
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    Marshall 30th Anniversary Series thread (6100 / 6101)

    My 6100LM died Saturday morning I got it Friday It looked to be in incredible shape and sounded great when it worked I tested out the effects loop and then the volume just dropped out and now the amp won't work at all It powers up, but no sound Changed a couple of preamp tubes and it didn't...
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    Marshall 30th Anniversary Series thread (6100 / 6101)

    I just got a 6100LM from Reverb today, it looks to be very clean and well taken care of. I plugged it into a 4X12 Laney cab with UK made G12T75s and WGS Veteran 30s in an X pattern (A 4X12 with UK made Vintage 30s sits where my band rehearses, can't wait to try it on that) The clean sounds...
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    6100LM Heater Wires

    I just got a very clean looking 6100LM off of Reverb and I was wondering if I should immediately get it re-capped
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    Marshall 30th Anniversary Series thread (6100 / 6101)

    I just grabbed a 6100LM from Reverb for just under $1000 delivered It looked very clean and the seller had 5 star feedback I'm thinking of running a TC G-Major through the loop and doing channel & effects switching with a Behringer 1010 MIDI controller When it arrives and I try it out, I will...
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    JCM 900 SLX 2500, JCM2000 DSL50, why the shear hatred?

    I have an EL-34 SLX 2500 from 1993. I absolutely love it. I bought it second hand earlier this year. It already had the rectifier repair done. I put a TAD 7025 in V1, Telefunken Black Diamond in V2, JJ in V3, balanced Sovtek in V4 with EH power tubes. I also have a 1981 JCM800 2204. Genelex...
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    Marshalls JCM800 2203/2204 or dual channels 2205/22010?

    There is a reason people love the 2203/2204. I own or have owned Blackstar, Bogner, Crate, Carvin, Egnater, Hughes & Kettner and Mesa Boogie amps. As well as some Marshalls - JCM2000 DSL, JCM900 SL-X 2500 and a JVM410HJS. I recently got a 1981 JCM800 2204. Even without an effects loop, there...
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    1981 JCM800 2204 - how to switch from stock 6550 to EL-34

    How expensive of a mod? Should I do it, or leave it stock?
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    1981 JCM800 2204 (6550) vs 1993 JCM900 SL-X 2500 (EL-34)

    I love my 50 watt SL-X with a BBE Wah, a Precision Drive clone or Plumes (depending on which guitar is used) and an ISP Decimator out front. The effects loop makes it incredibly useful for live gigs. I run a TC Electronics Nova System through the loop and it is virtually transparent. I have an...
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    1981 JCM800 2204 (6550) vs 1993 JCM900 SL-X 2500 (EL-34)

    I got a 1981 2204 (6550) a few months ago. When it arrived, it had EL-34 tubes and didn't work right (practically no volume, crackles etc.) I took it to an amp tech and he said that this particular model came with 6550s and if I wanted to use EL-34s it would have to be modded. I told him to...
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    Problems with bass and middle controls on 1981 50 watt JCM800

    It is a 1981 50 watt JCM800 2204
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    Problems with bass and middle controls on 1981 50 watt JCM800

    I just got a 50-watt JCM800, it needed repairs, but now the bass and middle controls don't work at all and it seems the treble knob actually affects the volume as well! Any ideas on what it is
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    I need a way to boost the VOLUME of an already od boosted JCM800

    The master won't be maxed. I just need a volume boost for solos

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