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    Les Paul String Gauge

    And I was just thinking the other day, Man! The beef of a Les Paul combined with super skinny strings is like a license to Kill
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    Boss Katana Head - What are they smoking over there????

    Just get a Palmer cab merger like I did! Best 50 bucks I ever spent. Now I can run anything with anything. Two cabs for my Kat head, and even two 4 ohm cabs with my tube monsters. My life Rocks!!
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    Best affordable 1x12 cabs

    If you're looking for affordable you cannot beat Thomann. I bought two Harley Benton 1 x 12 cabs shipped all the way from Germany for barely over the price of the Vintage 30 speakers themselves.
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    Is one amp enough?

    If you play Live, you need a backup. If you don't play Live, you need a backup. If you don't play at all, you need a backup. America was built on buying and selling, so if you can get it for a good price grab it and sit on it. That's Money in the Bank. If you never ever need to cash it in then...
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    Tinnitus - a solution

    "If anyone, anywhere, is to be mis-quoted, it will be on the internet." George Washington
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    Marshall is up to something!

    Haha. Grouchy old rock stars telling you it's po-tay-to, not po-tot-o. 😃
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    Jubilee or Orange AD30?

    Although I could dial in a pretty decent sound with the Orange amplifiers I've tried, I could never commit to one because, well, it's orange! They just always reminded me of 70s kitchens and fast food joints. ‍♂️ (Yes, even the black ones with the orange Grill. But I'm just superficial that...
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    Should’ve went with what I knew to be true!

    I love all my tube heads, and I use them in small Cantinas as well as at home just fine. I run my Boss me-70 in effects mode in the loop and you can control it down to television watching volume easily, though the amp volume is running around High Noon. My own personal experience is that preamp...
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    NGD Les Paul honeyburst

    Now that's a Man's strap!
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    Ozzy Era Sabbath - Looking for a recommendation

    True story! Breakup was the best thing for both of them!
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    G12T-75 V30 combo

    Just do it!!!
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    The day i got to use a '65 JTM45 and '59 Bassman at full volume

    I can see why Jim had to invent the Marshall. The Bassman is good, but the Marshall is better. The amps sound similar, Fender is just brighter and smaller. Thanks for this. I thought I needed a Bassman until I saw this. Thank you.
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    The day i got to use a '65 JTM45 and '59 Bassman at full volume

    The perfect comparison! This is the beginning of it all! The Genesis comparison.
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    My Transitional Journey from a Superlead to a JVM 410H

    The tones on Point of Entry were awesome! They sounded like a big giant mean amplifier, as opposed to a fuzzy pedal. For me Stained Class through Point of Entry was basically that sound. Screaming was that same sound but searing! After that their tone morphed into something else.

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