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    Epiphone Les Pauls from China

    The Chinese don’t give a shit about about building a good guitar the big box stores just sell them so if you want a good guitar you have to find a used one or build one .
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    Long Road Exercises My Picking Techniques Post Surgery

    You should learn some new picking
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    McDonald's samiches are getting smaller

    Mickey Ds suck if you want good fast food go hit the taco wagon
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    Marshall JMP 2204 v1 voltages

    Not all power transformers put out the same voltage . And testing with no load what matters is the plate has power
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    Hello from Columbus!

    Greetings from organ
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    New guy, Chris from Huschudo

    Greetings I will have to look you guys up
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    TV series.

    The shows with kool cars Batman and the monkeys . If want to see just how weird things where in the 60s watch the prisoner
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    Artimes SLS Flight Back to the Moon and to Mars

    That’s great now we can go screw up another planet
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    RIP CW McCall...

    A lot of good music came out of the 70s this is not one of them
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    Anyone know what this is?

    It looks like a left over part it was not soldered to the board . Save it it might be worth something some day
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    Japanese amp in the us.

    No problem the 90 V.A is a AC power rating not normally listed . The 100 volts is the same as 110 it is just how read the sine wave of AC voltage
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    Check your coupler caps on the 50 watt mode . Leaking to much DC to the grids
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    Hand pain and guitar

    I pulled something in my left hand doing a floor job it is now back to normal . Getting old sucks if you can’t work the frets you can learn to play slide don’t give up on guitar it is a gift that you can play
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    Is this the right area to ask about solid state amp repairs?

    When you have a bad transistor you have to replace the resisters that control the current to the transistors . If one goes both go You can test transistors it is not easy . you have to replace the power and ground resister
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    I'm exhausted.

    When I was working for the city I was on call to clean up auto pile ups Some people got killed . It makes you think about driving safety .

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