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  • FYI, I'm getting ready to sell a pair of G12M-25 6402 cone Greenbacks, know of anyone who might be interested in OR, I'm in Central Oregon, thanks.
    Hi, I did get the rexine. Material is very alike. It is just a little shiny. I am sure this will become better by time. Did you treated yours so it becomes less shiny? Best Jan

    Txs for answering. I found it already.

    I cant write an url, cause I have not enough posting. U have to google

    buchbinderbedarf pyzik

    This is where you can buy it. Its for books, like you said. Thank you. Your cab looks great !
    Hi Pete, Brian Harding was so kind to give me your name. I have a Marshall cabinet from 1964. Brian restored it, however he used a white modern tolex I want to restore the cab as original as possible, using the correct tolex, but black. Brian said it is be called "rexine". He said I might ask you what levant you used for that on the Marshallforum. I would be very grateful if you could help me out here. Best Jan
    Like Brian said, it is called Rexine, no longer made. It is very thin, like bookbinding material. I found some in the UK years ago, no idea now where. I made many phone calls and google searches, etc. The guy that did my headbox used similar material that looks exact, not sure where he got it. His name is Ray Domzalski. He is on the various forums, I would message him, and he may be able to help. Pete
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