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    What's a fair price to sell my DSL20cr for? It has that noise issue.

    Dude just make it an NFT! Put it up for auction!!
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    NAD PRS HDRX 20... Get Experienced!

    Definitely looking for more demos of it! My theory is that this will be a good mini Yngwie base amp- but most of the demos are elevator music or highly produced. Need a couple of good 80s rock demos to see for sure.
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    I hate to admit it..

    Most gigging musicians I know use Axe FX instead of amps. It's easier to record, it's easier to practice in any situation, and it's easier to move between gigs and not have to fiddle with things. I could see myself enjoying that and it'd give me an excuse to buy some audiophile quality in-ear...
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    Fender JZM NGD. Ugly as f*ck but beautiful too

    I really like it!
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    The Official Marshall Studio Classic Thread Sc20

    The loop got talked about a lot and it really came down to varying tolerances from "I don't use the loop so I don't mind" to "The volume drop isn't a big problem for me" and "it pops when an not-buffered pedal is engaged in the loop so I need at least one buffered pedal in the loop" - all of...
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    This is my experience with every single Amp in a Box that has come out. And honestly - an amp isn't great because of one thing - it's the sum of its parts.
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    How to move heavy amp on carpet

    They're many years old, but I bought some flat-bed carts at Home Depot or Lowes years back and I just set the amps and cabs on those. The handles fold down so I can slide the amps off and store them easily. Mostly I leave the big gear on them.
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    Looking for a mid sized amp

    The DSL40C/CR is always the correct choice. It's one of the best combo amps Marshall has ever made.
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    PRS HDRX 20 Hendrix Amp Non Marshall :)

    I kind of bummed about it really, because I remember so many people being into Jimi's more cut-loose loud stuff and this amp comes out and everyone is demoing elevator music. Why is everyone so calm now?? lol
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    MG100HGFX lame quality on distortion, what pedal if any is suggested?

    Yeah, play it like a Marshall. Get the gain to just breaking up and then hit it with an SD-1, YJM308, or whatever OD pedal you love. It'll start acting right. MGs are dark so set your tone about 2 o'clock
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    PRS HDRX 20 Hendrix Amp Non Marshall :)

    I see some of you commenting about the tubbed out sound when the mid-high gain switch is off; Every Vintage amp I've ever heard tubs out if it's pushed hard. It's part of the character. They didn't saturate and sustain until absolutely forced into it by boost or later much hotter pickups...
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    First Real Gig, SV20H/1965B

    It sounds great man! Thanks for posting! I got clipped and shared on an underground news channel on YouTube once. In the clip they played, I was doing a fast run on my Malmsteen strat and grabbed the high e wrong and pulled the string off the fretboard making this high-pitched train wreck of a...
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    PRS HDRX 20 Hendrix Amp Non Marshall :)

    I saw this and the price is so good I kind of paused! So you have a Studio Vintage and a HDRX 20; Would you say the quality of sound is equal between the two? What about fullness? From the demos, this seems like a way overdue amp, but I need to see some non-shill demos
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    Now that is cheap.....

    Thomanns is the correct price for these amps. When they debuted in the USA they were already overpriced at 1299/1499. I got a discount on mine at GC or it would not have come home with me. People buying these things at 1749/1949 are mind-boggling to me. How compulsive have we become in our spending?