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  • driving again , to my favourite beach for my sport kite landboardin- i saw the oncolodgy doctor she said i'm a miracle-every 6 months now
    12th November 2018, is the first day of my 8th year , since my diagnosis of kidney cancer secondry grade 3 brain tumour
    told early 2012,it was months not years and here I am going into my 7th year brain cancer grade3 diagnosis 2011 -only 20% get past 5 years
    skrinkin cancer workin hard to achieve it - had gamma knife recently ,cyber knife 2yrs ago diagnos on brain 11,11,2011 left work 11'oclock
    not on the cancer drug until September now ,and that will be from December 2015, when I stopped taking it , and no sign of cancer at all
    another 6 weeks off the powerfull cancer drug -its evil on the belly and makes me seriously sick, so peace full times and groovy sounds yea
    cancer so well controlled that I am having a 6 week break off the sunitinib as it makes me sick and really bad/evil stomachs-so i'm happy
    cancer sufferer and controlling it with reishi THC and sunitinib ,medically retired and I just enjoy my collection of tube amps an guitars
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