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    Putting off gear purchases

    Rising costs are definitely curbing spending, but looking for discounts can usually take the sting out of that. I'm more limiting purchases in terms of eliminating impulse buys. Sometimes if I just wait a day or two I find I rethink what I need/want. Sometimes I figure out I don't need it at...
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    DSL20C or 20CR for small apartment

    I have the DSL20 head. You definitely need to get the volume knob up to a certain point to have a full sound. Even in the attenuated half power mode, it's not quiet. When I need my amp really quiet, say, early in the morning, or late at night, I tend to use it in half power mode, AND I use a...
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    UPDATE: results revealed! Marshall JCM 800 SC20H vs BluGuitar Amp1 BLIND TEST!

    Same thing here. The whole experience of playing is composed of many factors, one of which is the physical objects you engage with to create the music you create. Any head/amp that doesn't look or function similar to a Marshall or Fender or Vox amp seems pretty alien to me. Form factor is a...
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    Is one amp enough?

    I like the added focus that comes from having less. Just my personal view on it. My space is also limited, as is my bank account. So that is part of it for me as well.
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    Help me load my 2x12 used with my DSL20hr

    Well, turns out a pair of G12M65 Creambacks was exactly the solution (for me and my amp and my ears). Part of me wishes I tried the M65 sooner, but because I didn't, I feel like I'm even more certain that I hit the bullseye. I got distracted and dove into the H75 first and tried to give the...
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    FS: Friedman Runt 20 combo - like new

    Friedman Runt 20 Combo, like new, still with hang tag on it. Purchased new early this year. Comes in original box with footswitch/cable, power cable, manual, and also an amp cover. Everything shown in photos. Prefer local sale. I'm in NY/NJ/CT area. $1100. Any questions, let me know...
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    Help me load my 2x12 used with my DSL20hr

    In regards to the EQ pedal thing. I have tried it, and I do like the ability, though I don't really have an EQ pedal I like working with. I've got a Fish & Chips Dano pedal. Sounds fine but tiny little slider are just not my thing. Hard to set them consistently and not accidentally knock...
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    Help me load my 2x12 used with my DSL20hr

    I've been sticking it out with two H75 Creambacks for a bit, and I still find I'm fighting the brightness a bit. I just got an M65 Creamback and tried it out in my little 1x12 and I think I may have just found what I was looking for. Definitely more subdued highs vs the H75, but still lively...
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    Help me load my 2x12 used with my DSL20hr

    Greenbacks are a no-go. I occasionally will be using higher wattage amps with this same cab.
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    Help me load my 2x12 used with my DSL20hr

    After getting one H75 Creamback and getting to know it, I really like it, so I put it in my little 1x12. It sounds great in there. I went and ordered another H75, and an M65 Creamback for the 2x12. After going back and forth between the H75 and the Texas Heat, there is way more life and...
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    SOLD - 2 Celestion V30 16 Ohm

    Sorry, both are sold.
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    Creamback pairing (H/M) for 2x12 with DSL20hr

    I've settled on loading creambacks into my closed back Avatar 212 for use with my DSL20hr EDIT: I decided to order one M65 and one H75 and give the blended option a shot! Now it's just a matter of H75/M65 or two of the same, either or. Wondering what people's opinions on this are. I'm...
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    Help me load my 2x12 used with my DSL20hr

    Still in limbo, but getting closer... I'm at a point where I either want a darker speaker to pair with the H75 Creamback OR a brighter speaker to pair with the Eminence Texas Heat. Shame I can't just combine them because one is 16 ohm (H75) and the other 8 ohm (TH). I still find that...
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    Help me load my 2x12 used with my DSL20hr

    Good to know. That's kinda what I was thinking, it maybe the test I've already done has proven I like them together and find them complementary, at least in separate cabs. At this point, I probably WON'T do the mismatch test, but if I was going to, it'd be out of the attenuated output of the...
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    The Official Dsl20 Amp Thread (head And Combo)

    That nuts! I just picked up a used DSL20hr for $400 from a local store a few months ago. Glad I snagged that deal when it presented itself. $799 on Sweetwater now!