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    NAD - 1987 Silver Jubilee 2553

    Take my advice, never sell that.
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    Wonderful musician.
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    Marshall Origin. Should I?

    I think you should buy it (before I do).
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    NGD!! Adam Jones Standard!

    I really love the silverburst look!
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    NAD - JVM410HJS Satriani

    I like mine so much I bought another!
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    [Solved] 90’s Marshall JCM 900 not working after insanely loud beep.

    Maybe read the manual first?
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    DSL40CR on the radar.

    Well that was a quick turnaround.
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    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    It's a keeper, I've got two of them but sounding like a plexi? Not sure about that but, hey, keep on rockin' my friend.
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    Long-term storage of tube maps

    Hell, I just turn 'em on when I feel like it and play away. Some of my amps haven't been switched on in months and some cases a few years.
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    Just returned a GT-1000 CORE

    Does the core have a ground lift switch? The GT1000 does to help eliminate any ground loops.
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    Epiphone Les Pauls from China

    I've got a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Custom which is very well put together, I can't fault it in any way at all. ;)
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    Marshall 30th Anniversary Series thread (6100 / 6101)

    Yeah, the overheating stuff is nonsense for the 6101. Mine gets hot but far from overheating.
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    Nita Strauss - Didn't see that coming...

    I'd 'roadie' for her.
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    Controling 2 loops

    Boss GT1000?

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