Jul 20, 2008
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    1. CleanBoost
      Hey Scozz. I was talking to Bugera. They suggested making sure the headphones were removed, as sometimes having headphones connected will disable the speaker. It never worked for me but I thought I'd pass it along. They also told me my warranty was thru Amazon, Amazon says three months. Pretty pissed, obviously. Rocking on my Marshall 2W thru a 1x12, sounds amazing, for solid state.
      1. scozz
        Thanks for the info, Merry Christmas!
        Dec 22, 2020
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    2. CleanBoost
      Hi Scozz. I was wondering if you had any luck fixing that Bugera G5 speaker output problem. I have the exact same story, zero sound from the speaker. Thanks.
      1. scozz
        Hey CleanBoost, no I never did have it looked at. Ever since I got my SC20 I was only using the Bugeras’ e-out for silent recording. But l haven’t recorded anything in a long time,....hmm, I really have someone look at it. My e-out still works fine that seems weird to me, does your amps e-out work? I’ll let you know if I do. Thanks.
        Dec 18, 2020
      2. CleanBoost
        Yeah, it sounds great thru the headset. A little noisy on the gain channel, but it works ok.
        Dec 19, 2020
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    3. Gaz Baker
      Gaz Baker
      Hi Scozz. I'm not too sure this is where I private message you, but If you want to pass on my details to Weber's, my email is,...

      [email protected]

      Thank you for helping out kind sir. You're a true gentleman!!!

      P.S, Sorry if my message is in the wrong way.
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      2. scozz
        Hi Gaz, I'm not sure I understand. I thought you're getting a MiniMass from Mojotone? Do you still want to contact Ted Weber?
        Dec 5, 2019
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