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    1960A vs 1960AV - your experienced opinion?

    So when I got my JVM it came with the 1960A, and I REALLY thought I’d be moving it along for a V30 or greenback cab, but… I really really like that 1960. I’ve got no urge for V30 or greenbacks now. Sounds good with the straight JVM, or using the head to power Fractal FM3 or Helix floor. I see...
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    JMP-1 or Axe FX III ?

    Yeah it’s a good time to be a guitar player. I’ve got a JVM half stack, Fractal FM3 and Helix floor, I can get good sounds out of all of them. I just laugh when people say that I’ve obviously not had a real tube amp if I’m happy with digital. I’m just not biased, I love them all.
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    Rokets from Finland

    Love it!!
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    Show Me Your Riffs

    Amazing as always!!
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    JCA800 hand wired replica, new from Jet City

    I get that, I live in WV so about as ‘Merica as it gets. I’d play that Wangs amp. The clips I’ve heard sound great.
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    JCA800 hand wired replica, new from Jet City

    Just have to adjust your thought process. “Wang” is a very common surname over there, kinda like a Smith in USA, or Marshall!
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    TV series.

    Alt+F4 will take that picture off your computer screen if you don’t like it.
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    Work Bathroom Etiquette

    You’d win that bet if I was dumb enough to take it.
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    Work Bathroom Etiquette

    Saw a girl doing that once at a bar….. she waved at everyone as they entered.
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    Same, I pretty much love them all. Spellbound has a great intro!
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    I think I am being spied on

    I shall call him Floyd, because he rose from behind the watch boxes.
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    SC20C or H: what am I getting for the ticket price?

    Are you thinking of playing out again? Playing with some buddies? Or jamming solo at home?
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    ***Essential Pedals. What's yours?***

    Digitech drop. Edit: I’m surprised nobody else listed this. I used to have to bring 3-4 guitars to a gig to cover the songs we did, now I take 2, tuned the same. One with and one without floyd, and really just in case I break a string. Only happened once on stage, but I’ll never chance that again.
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    well there goes the old rockman headphone amp

    Katana air for me. Small, wireless for guitar and power or plug in. I can move from room to room without worrying about wife/kids/dog tripping over wires, I can even go jam in the back yard if I want. Bluetooth the phone to it and stream music to it and jam with the stars.
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    Live Amps

    likely Kemper/AxeFX and in ear monitors. Lot of bands will have 2 rigs, leapfrogging each other to gigs. Very consistent sound for the artist and sound guys.

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