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    Jcm900 4100 Volume Between Channels

    Okay so it sounds like it is normal. The clean channel just seems to get a lot more powerful sonner than channel b. I guess I will just live with playing channel b with a higher master volume. Thank you for your response!!
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    Jcm900 4100 Volume Between Channels

    Quick question: I have a Jcm900 4100 and with both channel preamp gain knobs maxed, should channel A be louder than channel B? When I am playing with drums I have to set the master for channel B around 5 or 6 (1 o clock) where channel A gets to drum volume at around 3 or 4 (around 10 o clock) on...
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    Marshall vs Boogie

    I purchased a used Mesa MarkIII as my first tube amp. Never selling it.
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    Used Jcm900 - Where To Start

    alrighty off to the bench - I will update as this thing is repaired with what was replaced and price. Sounds like I could have talked him down even more!
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    Used Jcm900 - Where To Start

    Found a JCM900 100w halfstack for cheap on the local craigslist. 4100 dual reverb with 1960 cab. Amp had been used in a studio but was not pampered by a long shot. I figured this amp would need some work which would even out the "cheap" price. I was hoping someone could assess the symptoms...

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