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    Lucked out on a "dead" JCM 800 2204

    Damn! Congrats on a nice Score. Can't believe people still take shortcuts like that on fuses. At least he didn't burn his house down.. Enjoy it! Pete
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    JCM 800 50 or 100 watt???

    50 watts if you want the windows buzzing in the frame and dishes dancing on the shelves. 100 watts if you want the windows broken, the dishes broken and swat to show up. :-) They say you can hear a fully cranked Marshall stack for 15 miles, if its a clear path. I guess a 50 watt is only good...
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    Different volumes between speakers in a 4x12?

    It's also missing a center-brace, so the back-panel doesn't start buzzing when your driving some nice potent chords through it. Don't trust only the stickers, measure the speakers (disconnected) with a multi-meter or Digital mm. Stickers can be replaced with wrong values. Pete
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    In no particular order for JCM800

    Heh, we've got almost the same pedals I set mine up as follows.. (with yours added). Les-Paul or LTD or Strat or whathaveyou Wah Rotovibe 10Band eq Flanger Phaser -DD3 (for floyd, pu2) Analog Delay Chorus OD overdrive TC Reverb 2204 I use Fender 6" patch cables between all of them and a 1...
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    Need your ears on this EL84 test...

    Fun stuff. Interestingly enough i just reset my "PC" eq to what i like sonically. I'm on 2.1 speakers. And I do have tinnitus. The 1st clip i preferred the 1st sample. The 2nd sample sounded abit flatter, not quite as dynamic. Maybe compression like Pedecamp said. The 2nd clip, i honestly...
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    The sacriest films ever made.

    Something you can watch on netflix. Dunno if they have these... Session 9 2001 Dead End 2003 Outpost 2007 It really depends on what you consider "scary". If your drunk or "other".. Creepshow 1982 Evil Dead II 1987 are lots of fun. :-) Pete
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    Gibson 3 pickups guitar pick up recommendation

    Yes, i'm late to the party. Did you try temporarily soldering the pickup(s) one at a time to the output jack, to bypass the wiring harness and see if the pickups are actually the source of mud ? Could be worn/dead pots and/or caps. Pete
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    New band and Amp Sorrows

    You should also consider in-ear monitoring/earplugs. 1 - It can cut down the destructive noise, if they're too loud. 2 - You can set it to hear yourself no matter what. 3 - You can save your hearing. My tinnitus kicked in at 27 or so back in 1992. Sometimes, i can hear "ok". Other times...
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    autism and vaccine @ CDC

    Uhn. This again. 16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker.
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    How to get Burgled, Robbed, etc. with Ebay's Help..

    Just found this and thought it would be good info for anyone interested... in case you wanna list one of those 5 figure Marshalls.. eBay Will Send Your Full Name, Location, And Phone Number To Any Auction Bidder Who Asks Pete
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    Original tubes in 1983 JCM 800 2204

    Here's my '84 2204 Canadian export model. ITT Lorenz EL34 stock. Yes, still working. Life does get in the way sometimes. Pete
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    Curious... Whats wrong with this VM2266.... ?

    Since summer recently started, maybe all the cheapskates are out panhandling or mooching at the beach.. You need more "Hype" and "Jazz" in your message. Something extolling the features and capabilities of your amp. Something to appeal to youth like "DEAFENING LOUD", "BADASS Marshall!". You...
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    why are we here?

    Alright, i'm gonna spoil it and answer the question. We are here for only one reason. Our parents were here for the same reason. So were theirs, and so on and so on.. Are you really sure you want to know ? It's so stupid you won't believe it...

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