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    Charlotte's turning 10, and picked her new guitar! With old Marshall

    Random Stars (and similar) are the most comfortable body shapes for me (pretty much a tie with Explorers, followed by SG's).
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    I got this handmade cabinet today with pre-rola.

    The actual cutout will be smaller than that circle. Plenty of wood left for strength, even if you use particle board or MDF. Plywood would be even stronger. But you should use void-free plywood, not construction grade and that can be fairly expensive. Ply is stronger and resonates more. But on...
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    I got this handmade cabinet today with pre-rola.

    White glue, yellow wood glue, carpenter's glue, school glue, craft glue are all very similar. Main ingredient is PVA (poly vinyl acetate). In the US, the most common white glue is Elmer's, the most common wood glue is Titebond. Some are waterproof after they dry, others remain water soluble...
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    need some minor home maintenance info

    Can you post some pics? I've seen ceramic brackets mortared directly to the wall with tiles mortared to the wall around the brackets, but haven't seen brackets glued directly to tiles. (Brackets mortared to the wall is a sucky method because eventually they come off, and never go back on as...
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    I Only Want a Fret Job With a Happy Ending.

    Does the Gibson quote include saving the nibs (fret end binding)? That's a high price even for saving the nibs, but insanely high if they're gonna lose the nibs and extend the frets over the binding.
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    Speaker damaged in transit - how bad is this cone damage?

    Even if it works perfectly, I'd need a big discount for a 212 with a visibly damaged speaker. If the damage wasn't disclosed with pics and I paid normal market price, I'd be very pissed to discover one speaker looking like that. I'd want a partial refund, or a full return. There's no telling if...
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    Will I blow up my cab? Replacing two G12H with BV-25M in 1960AHW

    I've read claims that if you really push the front end with fuzz or boost that a 1959 can put out close to 200 watts, but that's the high side of the claims. 140 is around the lowest claim, with most claims in the 160~180 range. (In my previous post I implied that the cab would see 100w at -3dB...
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    Will I blow up my cab? Replacing two G12H with BV-25M in 1960AHW

    Attenuator at -3dB should cut the power in half. I've read different claims about how much power a dimed 1959 actually produces. At the high end of those claims the cab would be very close to its nominal limit; the lower claims would give a comfortable safety margin. That's assuming the...
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    W T FFFFF???

    The first "similar sponsored items" (just below the item description) is a different Sweetwater eBat listing for the exact same set of tubes for $175.99 -- which is also their normal price on Sweetwater's site. The only difference is that the $800 quad is described as a "bundle". So it could be...
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    Ohm reading on 1936 cabinet

    The cable by itself measures 8 ohms? Have you tested the meter itself? It gives correct readings on other things?
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    This StewMac review made me chuckle.

    They still sell the Fret Rocker for $35. The Fret Kisser has diamond files embedded on each edge that are level with the rocking surfaces. So you can not only use it as a rocker, but also fix any high frets. When you find a high spot, you just file it down until the rocker faces touch the...
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    Do I wait for new speaker break in?

    Before you buy new speakers, try swapping one of the 70/80's with one of the 'backs. So one cab has a greenback and a 70/80, and the other cab has a cream and 70/80. It can't hurt to try, and it's possible you might like both pairings. If you only like one, then you only have to buy one new...
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    Do I wait for new speaker break in?

    So, you were running your DSL into 70/80's with nothing to compare them to, and they sounded good. Then you swapped the 70/80's for a greenback and creamback and thought the 'backs sounded better, but not earth-shakingly better. Then you got another cab with 70/80's and when you compare it...
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    Callaham strat trem block

    Guitars are individuals. I've compared zinc and aluminum tailpieces on 5 Gibsons. 2 sounded better with aluminum, 2 sounded the same with either, 1 sounded better with zinc.

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