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    1. Dark Helmet
      Dark Helmet
      I have a 02 TSL and replaced the mainboard, but aside from the clean tone sounding great, the crunch and Lead tones sound meh. I bought a classic tone PT in hopes it would improve the sound, though I do not know how to read schematics. Would you be able to help me with it? I need a general diagram on how to wire it. was told to buy the JCM 900 PT for it as it has more output. here is the schematic for the PT.
    2. Parkerx02
      I have the tsl100 schematic but cant find the bias board on it for some reason. Id like to leave the stock bias test points, but actually adjust the bias via 2, 1/2 watt pots mounted close by the test points. BTW, Im in Corona, small world.
    3. Parkerx02
      Hi. Just read a post from you about your tsl100, "I also replaced those two crappy bias trim pots to Bourns 1/2W pots. That fix right there corrects the odd issue of having the trim pots and test points on back backwards to the pairs of EL34's they control. I went with 50K pots but 20K is fine." I want to do this! You have drawing how you did this?
    4. Mark Simon Hell
      Mark Simon Hell
      hey Ricky! so.. i see: you are the man of 800 split channel.. how fix the bleed of the Boost channel bleeding??
      1. RickyLee
        Look at the schematic and you will see C11 and C12 take the Boost channel signal to Ground during the switching to Normal channel via that chip. Try increasing the capacitance of those two caps.
        Sep 14, 2019
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      2. Mark Simon Hell
        Mark Simon Hell
        i changed C40 with .1uf insted of .22uf... it seems to work... what do you think?
        Sep 15, 2019
      Hey man, I read somewhere that you know a mod to eliminate the latency of switching channel on jcm2000.
      Can I know witch is ?
      Thanks a lot !
      1. RickyLee
        Sep 10, 2019
    6. Bonz
      Can any one tell me where I and get a mod to fix my JVM 205H the sound is trebly , classy ,fizzy I hate the tone of this amp. and by add a choke transformer what will this accomplish as far as tone. Hey guys I just joined the membership. please help me
    7. Brad Tanner
      Brad Tanner
      Hi Ricky, I saw your post under a "4th gain stage" thread where you said " I have a switch to take the Lead channel from SIR 36 to Plexi which is basically copying Nik's Ceriatone AFD35."

      Did you bulid the Ceriatone AFD 35? and if so how pleased were you with it and did the Plexi tone really sound like a plexi?

      I'd like to build the AFD35 but fear it will be a one trick pony.

    8. marekdor
      Ricky, give me your email, i will send you all PCB layout pls. So far, i don't want to share for free with all of the world with my piece of work :-)
    9. John Watson
      John Watson
      How'd you end up liking your Mitchell Pro 100?
      1. RickyLee
        Was that the last one I was just tinkering on a few months back? I have too many amps and too many projects going on right now LOL.
        That Mitchell has a boxy restricted tone going on. I need to dig into it a bit more when I get the time. But then, I have never played a Mesa MKI so I do not know if the Mitchell is even in the ballpark of where it should be in being an approx of the Mesa.
        Aug 25, 2016
    10. ibmorjamn
      Ricky , if you were selling the 2205 what would you ask for it. I am close to Riverside. I have my Mesa single rectifier "Solo" I would have to sell that to buy anything. I wasn't really in the market for another amp but I know Schenkers fav is the 2205.
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