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    I Like Les Pauls

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    Why Are Fat People Loud?

    I am mesomorphic, not fat. I do not have fat arms, fingers, legs or feet. But I am heavy in the mid section. But I got an excuse, over 60 and can't or won't exercise a lot. I have accepted my life as is. If I go when Tom Petty did, so be it. When you are alone, your daughter won't speak to...
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    What's The Most You've Paid For A Guitar?

    First venture over 2K, it was for a Slash Les Paul with Seymour Duncan pups It did not stay at my local GC long, when I saw it on the wall, I said, oh dang, that is going home with me... I have bought a few collectibles, but then I got a few budget minded guitars. So I figure it balances...
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    Just Checking In With Friedman... And A Lil Lp

    Dudes, I stacked 2 12" and went 8 ohms with the Runt 20, it is MADE or the Les Paul Standard. I swear. Kick up the +10 dB and it rocks the house out, knock the push pull down, and it's sweet tones!!! I also added one more element into the mix that really makes it sing. A Keeley Compressor...
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    Assume This Is Non Brand Question

    amp head recommends 16 ohm setting with 1 12" speaker in cab. IF I add an extension cab with another 12" speaker, I should go to the 8 ohm setting, correct? Guys, I used to know all this stuff backwards and forwards, but I am to tired to think, and analyze, and just want to get it right...
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    Would A Vox Ac10 Give Me Anything My Other Amps Don't?

    A Vox. ROFL lightening the mood... ;)
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    Just Checking In With Friedman... And A Lil Lp

    The 2017 Standard came from Wildwood, it's a sweet player and at a sweet deal. I also have a 2013 Honeyburst Standard, they play quite similar. But then I like my 800 buck GC Strat with S1 and buckers too, lol.
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    Just Checking In With Friedman... And A Lil Lp

    Standards work out very well with the Friedman, the +10 dB takes you to a whole nuther level from being off. It really is capable of some nice clean tones, and then dirty when you want. Most of all, I am compacting, I got to, to much stuff. These have a small footprint and height with the...
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    Once a founder that made a company what it was is gone, and the bean counters start taking control, QC and overall quality can go out the window. I guess... I had a bit more to say concerning my own experiences, but I am going to just refrain. Still a Marshall fan, for many reasons, but there...
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    Yes, I fear that is what has happened, and I like the small footprint o it too. I am trying to reclaim space in my home. It's tight. I got this Runt combon (2 piece) right at my side here and just hooked up the foot switch. I am considering selling a Supro black Majik, I have 2, and an...
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    Nevermind, you were not talking to me I realized now...
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    I keep comparing specs of Runt to Pink Taco, and other than the fact it's hand wired and losing a channel, I can't really see that a Pink Taco will do that much for me personally over another runt. What do casual observers say? I mean I am no Eddie VH, just a novice having fun. I got way more...
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    Friedman Dirty Shirley 40h Vs Marshall W/dirty Shirley Pedal

    looks like she's dirty any which way you go, just saying...

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