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    Class 5 Tubes

    I wrote up a fairly extensive thread on how tubes work in this amp refer to it and you will understand what you need to do... but I should state flat out that the best way to improve headRoom in this amp isn't by changing tubes it's by changing components... in other words lower gain and/or beef...
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    class 5 vs. jmp1

    IMO the jmp1 does sound better then the C5 right out of the box... but at twice the cost it better!!! To my ears the jmp1 jusat doesn't warrent the additional cost. Especially if you apply a few simple Mods to your C5 and then compare the two... you may be suprised... you can get a used C5 and...
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    Class 5 ground switch question

    That is correct... old school amps used these to potentially reduce Hum... newer amps with a three prong power chord have a ground reference (the third prong) and so simply do not need a polarity switch... They may however at times need a ground lift if your getting a ground loop between amps...
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    A Touch of Class...Class5 Owners Welcome!

    Hey all... yes I am still here! Go to to see more details on this and other C5 Mods. All the info you need do this MOD is on there and yes IMO it works very well and sounds much better then any MV mod... my modded pots which I call TVC Pot (for Total Volume Control) sale for just 22$...
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    A Touch of Class...Class5 Owners Welcome!

    Happy news years to all my C5 buddies out there... Ok as far as your trouble... that sounds like pre-amp (tube) noise and not a cab vibrating problem... I don't have the amp here to determine for certain but it is my guess that your problem is electrical in nature and not mechanical even if...
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    Class 5 modifications, why?

    Well if you've been playing for 35yrs then you have probably noticed that people enjoy modding their amps... this is true of all makes and models not just the C5. Why Mod... there are many reasons some want more flexability and or options some want to fine tune thier tone to better get what they...
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    C5 Upgrade your transformers MOD 12

    Sorry guys it was late when I posted and it usually automatically chooses grey I'm not sure why black this time but I will be more careful in the furture anyhow i fixed it...enjoy... more to come... Orpheus
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    C5 Upgrade your transformers MOD 12

    MOD 12 UPGRADING YOUR TRANSFORMERS In this mod we simply switch out the stock transformers for a set of high grade custom shop transformers. Simply put, any time you take a plastic bobbin mass produced transformer and replace it with a custom wound high-end transformer, you will...
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    A Touch of Class...Class5 Owners Welcome!

    Hey i would love to do this but can't figure out how :confused:... I will type it in for now but if you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated... thanks... Well I am sick and cracked out on Sudafed and can't sleep so I'm about to post Mod 12... Orpheus Home...
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    C5 owners Let's add a choke MOD #11

    Yes i know... I have request for some time... I was hoping some of those out there with my Mods would post so I wouldn't have too... I am putting work daily into my site uploading content daily... more mods, pics and tech info coming and along with that will eventually be some...
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    A Touch of Class...Class5 Owners Welcome!

    I agree with you hear... I love the C5 too... hence why I chose it. It is the aim of all my Mods not to change the basic character of the amp but to improve upon it. Other Mods are aimed at making the amp more versatile and some upgrades to make it a full professional level tool. The Choke...
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    Thoughts on inserting EL34s anally?

    This made me laugh all day...thanks But as to what I hope to be the true question posted... If your using current production stuff, have the cash, and play a hell of alot... then why not. But if on the other hand your amp is seeing less then let's say about 8 hrs a week it's probably overkill...
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    C5 owners Let's add a choke MOD #11

    MOD 11 ADDING A CHOKE In this mod we will be adding one of my Mercury Custom Shop OR777-CK chokes. Of course there are other chokes out there that are an option, but none of them will perform as well as mine in this amp. My choke was designed specifically to work with this amp and tuned by my...
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    Orpheus Mod #10

    I don't have Mods for that amp but that doesn't mean we can't make it better. I can take any amp, listen to what the customer wants and find many ways to get there... once I have an amp in shop I can evaluate and go from there, just like in the C5 thread if I crack open your amp I will find...
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    A Touch of Class...Class5 Owners Welcome!

    Ok guys in response to your comments... Hey Don't worry the truth is I have hundreds of pics and I will be posting more mods and pics over the next two weeks... the site is an ongoing project that I will continue to add... pics are something everyone wants so check back in the new year and they...

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